Xiapu Couplets (Series 57)

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Xiapu couplet works (series 57) Xiapu Couplet Association first “Zhongyin Cup” Fuzhou – Xiapu Gala practice core values Xiapu Li Jichang Spring harmony left sea, hand in hand to pursue the dream of a powerful country;Sunshine Xia Mountain, coagulative heart Qi Fu Yu poetry.A total of harmony, minshan pu water left new rhyme;Intersection friendly, lianyuan poetry spectrum Jin Chapter.Mountains and seas, a total exhibition of civilization picture scroll;Banyan pine and MAO, with Yin times poetry.The spring breeze is full of flowers bearing rich fruit;Success is like a cloud, poetry practices values.Knock rhyme changhuai Chinese dream;The epigraph is happy to bloom well-off flowers.Xiapu Weng Huaican Xie Ao hometown, Pushui Xiashan jianqi;You shou hometown, allied altar poetry yuan Yi shuxiang.Xiapu Chen Qingsheng to build a harmonious dream;Promote friendly relations.Civilized dedication hundred lines sheng;The rule of law ensures prosperity.Cultivate one’s morality and realize tao, worship good, hold integrity;Cultivate tao sentiment, huai ren guoshu chun wind.Window painting scene, clear water and green mountains ecological beauty;Poetic under the moon, xingbang dream harmony high.Fair law enforcement is strong;Good faith for the cause of xing.Xiapu Weng Liyun social civilization, bright window net a few books long;The country was stable, Lim loved the people and ruled qing.The United States domain song honesty song zhongyin capital brand poem – title Fujian Zhongyin Real estate Development Co., LTD. Zhongguan high-rise forest, condensate zhanxiong Hong Kong lianyun near;Nanning lijingpan open, put words star City signing.International brand benefits eight, big style, big article, I can talk;Zhongyin industry tiansihai, high pattern, high-tech, who to fight for supremacy?Quality refinement, customers first, love strong humane;Axe responsibility, mark yao bear, how to ask reputation reputation.Wang Long wrote in the Yin real estate, Enshi world, sustainable love people, bright project hard like iron;Top grade homes, between the German beam, long Fang dazzling, beautiful qing Jia environment.Joint embedded board shareholders Wu Yongmin, Wu Yongming, Wu Fangen, Wu Liangyao, Huang Jiaqing, Wu Yongliang name.Beautiful day beautiful scenery, Beautiful domain Beautiful floor, Tianrui Group Jiayuyuan;Top grade shangcheng, Zhongyin Zhongguan, brand real estate rich source.With good base, with de floor, the United States domain song integrity song;People-oriented, and societe generale, in capital brand poetry.Brand first, responsibility first, Xi Ming Shi Flower city, very good faith ten reputation;High quality frame beam, safety column, fancy yinmei domain, a qing Jia all the way song.Wang Xuesen from