Shandong elder sister takes younger brother out to play, friend is younger brother’s teacher: then younger brother’s expression brightens

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The teacher has been a shadow in the hearts of students, including now xiaobian’s father see xiaobian’s teacher will still be very nervous in the mind, although not their own teacher, but in the face of this identity will automatically replace the role.For many primary school students, when they see the teacher on the road, they dare not even say hello to him for fear that the teacher will suddenly say “is your homework finished?”Shandong Jining a pit brother’s sister threatened to take his brother out and a few friends to play together, did not expect the invitation turned out to be a “Hongmen banquet”.Recently, a sister in Jining, Shandong province, who can be described as a master of cheating younger brothers, has attracted the attention of Internet users. The sister told her brother that she would take him out to play with some friends, but they turned out to be his teachers. The whole trip became very awkward, which also aroused heated discussion among Internet users.From the picture we can see that my brother’s head teacher and Chinese teacher just got on the bus soon began to spot check my brother’s recitation.The younger brother politely refused at first, but could not bear the teacher’s command, the younger brother obediently recited a poem, and then quickly turned his head away to try to get by.It was a nightmare to go out with his teacher in charge, but the next one who got on the bus turned out to be his brother’s math teacher, who kindly pinched his brother’s face as soon as she came up.Sandwiched between the two teachers, the younger brother smiled awkwardly.Netizens joked that this might be the last time a younger brother would like to go out with his sister.Some netizens said that the feeling of pressure under the smile looks good smile.Some netizens said that they are most afraid of teachers are acquaintances of their relatives.Xiaobian across the screen can feel the little boy’s embarrassment and scrambling, estimated that after going back will certainly question my sister why did not tell him in advance, but to see this scene is really a bit of an addiction.