Guarding the wisdom of public security fire protection to protect life and property a “protection line”

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In life, how to judge the authenticity of fire products?First, products with low prices are highly likely to be fake;Secondly, you can view the 3C mark of the product: manufacturer, product model, date of manufacture and other parameters;The seller can also provide three certificates: mandatory certification certificate, inspection report and product performance table;In addition, on each fire protection product, there is a “id card”, its full name is “fire protection product identity system mark”, also commonly known as “S code”.By scanning the “S code” of fire products on wechat, you can identify them and “verify the identity” of fire products.Here, Shouzhongan reminds consumers that when buying fire protection products, they must check whether there is a quality certificate, fire detection report, type approval certificate, etc. If the manufacturer or seller does not provide the corresponding procedures and product quality inspection report, it may be fake and shoddy products.In addition, if you want to check whether the fire products you buy are qualified products, you can also log in the “China Fire Products Information Network” to check whether the purchased fire products are registered products on the website, where there are registered products are generally qualified products.With the development of science and technology, now the fire protection products have been upgraded from the original traditional smoke alarm to independent smoke, intelligent smoke and other new intelligent fire protection equipment, which plays a more significant role in fire prevention.Shouzhongan intelligent fire products are using their own patented high efficiency smoke chamber (maze), dual-wavelength multi-optical path photoelectric micro signal processing design;Can accurately identify steam, dust and cooking fume and other different smoke, instant alarm signal;Real-time remote APP and mobile terminal alarm push, and according to the actual situation in China, false alarms and other problems, a higher standard of technology improvement.After special experimental evaluation, it is concluded that Shou Zhongan smoke sensor products fully meet and meet the UL217-REV8 standard, 3C certification.The authenticity of fire protection products is related to people’s vital interests. Fake and shoddy fire protection products can not only fail to fight fires and play a practical role, but also threaten their own life and safety. We sincerely hope that consumers can improve their ability to identify fire protection products and strengthen their awareness of fire protection safety.Of course, fire protection products are life-saving straws at the critical moment. They can give warning when the fire comes and help escape the danger. They should reject those jerry-built, fake and shoddy fire protection products.Guarding the wisdom of public security fire is also very willing to become an important “protection line” to protect people’s lives and property, to provide a strong guarantee for fire safety and stability.