Work for 5 years annual salary of 1 million, choose a good major to get a high salary

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Students who majored in microelectronics from UESTC and later went on to obtain a master’s degree from a 985 school in Shanghai earned 1 million yuan before tax in 2021.Parents say: volunteer newspaper is right!The student did well in the college entrance examination.At that time, my parents wanted to apply for Southwest Finance or Zhongnan Finance but were afraid of being transferred.My son applied for the microelectronics major of UESTC.Later, I was admitted to a 985 college in Shanghai and majored in computer.I participated in international competitions and won awards during my graduate study.I got an annual salary of 300,000 yuan in my college enrollment in 17 years.2021 because of comprehensive technology, down-to-earth style.$1 million before tax for the promotion and raise.Parents and children are satisfied.After all, I am still young and working for only a few years.The future with continuous improvement.There may be more room.Science and engineering boys if they want to choose a high-paying career.So the college entrance examination in the choice of voluntary time to choose some of this aspect of the professional.Some majors will not earn a high salary anyway, it is not determined by individual ability.High-paying majors include: Information security, software Engineering, network Engineering, microelectronics, information Engineering, computer science and Technology, electronic science and technology, etc.