The “rich and handsome” in the eyes of the victims are living a life of death in Myanmar

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They said they would take me abroad to make a lot of money. I believed them. They said the work is comfortable and the environment is comfortable.I was not good at school. After graduating from junior high school, I entered the society early and began to work.I got my first job as a bath attendant. After that, I learned how to modify cars at an auto beauty center and slowly saved some money.But as the days went by, the work was dirty and tired, and the money came slowly. I felt bored, so I quit my job and began to go to bars and KTV.Ah, it was a comfortable life, but it was here that I went down a road of no return…Over drinks in a bar, I met a young man who told me about a lucrative project and asked if I would like to go with him.I was skeptical at first, but he said he was making hundreds of thousands a month.Despite my doubts, I went to see him in Yinchuan three days later, with my savings depleted after a long splurge.In Yinchuan, I knew the acting boss Su Dafu (alias), he is famous brand from head to foot!They put us up in five-star hotels, they wined and dined us every day.Boss Su told me we could have a better life in Myanmar, earning tens of thousands of yuan a day.Gradually, I was carried away by this luxurious life and lies, every day dream is to myanmar to make a fortune, so su Dafu and booked a ticket to yunnan border.Who would have thought!Across the border, away from the motherland, everything changes!!Sue boss tone becomes stiff, face becomes ferocious, the environment becomes dangerous, my mood becomes chagrin regret!After several rounds, we were taken to a hill near the border, where several men with machetes took us to a river with strong currents, where seven people were packed on a sheepskin raft…”Across the river is Burma,” they say.When we reached the other side of the river, we were picked up by a very luxurious car, but as we crossed the bridge, a young boy, younger than me, charged the driver with a submachine gun. It was a sight I had only seen on TV that shocked me.After the “gao Fu Shuai” arrived at the “company”, everyone was given a mobile phone, and the director began to tell us about all kinds of successful fraud cases, and let us learn chatting skills to disguise themselves as Gao Fu Shuai and successful single men.We then screened wealthy single women between the ages of 24 and 45 to add friends through various social media apps and livestreaming platforms.After that, it is to use all kinds of words to cultivate feelings, give her the outline of a better future, make its heart after I fully trust.The last step was to commit fraud. I operated a gambling or investment platform and told her it was for our future to make a lot of money.For the first one, I let her top up 131.4 yuan on the platform. I manipulated the background and let her earn 520 yuan.The second one let her recharge 520 yuan, I in the background let her earn 1314 yuan;The third let her recharge 5200 yuan, I cut her this capital, said I also lost money, also in a bad mood.Finally to comfort her, for the next recharge investment foreshadowing.In this way, squeeze to she really can’t take money, quickly screen.It was based on emotion, it was a script, and that’s how we fooled a lot of people.This is not “heaven” is “hell” on the Internet is “gao Fu shuai”, but in real life in Myanmar?Every time I look back on those days, I wish I was dead, schizophrenic.The eight of us were crammed into a shabby six-square-meter house with sewage running through the door and the stench of garbage.Every morning when I wake up, I have to start “work” immediately, and I can do nothing but cheat.Do you have leisure time?In your dreams, we are guarded every day by men with assault rifles, we can’t go anywhere!Some people too uncomfortable lonely, began to take drugs, to the last no money to take drugs, was beaten to death!This isn’t the place I dreamed it would be. This is hell!Finally, a few of our friends, secretly discuss, save some money, find someone to help us from Myanmar and smuggled back home.The moment I set foot on my homeland, I was finally safe…Even when I was sitting on the bench, I felt very happy.Now, we have finished the first trial and are awaiting the verdict.Whatever the verdict, I’m sure of one thing – I’ll never cheat again!Moonlight light, heart hurt in myanmar is not the heaven has undesirable human right is the vicissitudes of life pictures | network capture Internet police edit | materials | ningxia sthiramati/Bai Yuxin