The first choice for small capacity mobile phone expansion, N100 experience with DAhua NM high-speed memory card

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Schopenhauer said: happiness is illusory, only pain is real.The importance of the size of mobile phone memory, often only buy a small memory of people deeply experience.The difference between android phone memory levels is only a few hundred pieces, I will definitely choose a new phone with large memory.The key is that there is no need to replace the machine, which has no old mobile phone hard memory expansion convenient method?If your current phone is one of huawei and Honor’s older models, here’s your chance for a second life.Today, I would like to introduce you to a 256G DAhua NM high-speed memory card N100, which can instantly expand the memory of the phone between plugging and unplugging. It is a happy thing.Dahua is one of the top international brands in the world and occupies the second place in the global video surveillance market. The quality assurance of Dachang is reassuring.Out of the box, the packaging of the N100 high-speed MEMORY card of Dahua NM is very simple. Because the card is small in size, the packaging will be inharmonious if it is made into the outer packaging of earphones. The plastic sealing of this card is more practical.Although the volume is small, but also inside the three layers of three layers of packaging, after all, is a precision electronic components, careful sail ship.Take out the transparent plastic shell, the NM card is stuck in the middle of the plastic card, carefully take it out and look at it in your hand.The appearance of this card is exactly the same as that of the current Nano SIM card. Except for the different coating of the gold finger, the front is completely indistinguishable. After all, it is to be placed in the SIM card slot of the mobile phone, and if the shape is different, it cannot be installed.The NM card is very small, so take care not to drop or lose it.Here is a popular science, NM Card, The English full name is Nano Memory Card, is a kind of domestic self-developed super micro Memory Card of very small size, this N100 model produced by Dahua, the volume is the same as Nano Card, but there is an amazing 256G storage space, I expect that this technology will soon replace Nano SIM Card,Become the new standard of mobile phone card, do a mobile phone card in the future, with 256G storage space, ask you sweet not sweet!Experience this 256GB UHUA NM high-speed memory card N100, small in size but fast.As early as 2018, Huawei launched the NM memory card standard with the Mate 20 series flagship mobile phone. The minimum 30MB/S standard of SD U3 has been increased by three times, becoming the biggest rival of Micro SD memory card.The official maximum read speed is up to 93MB/s, and the sequential write speed is up to 82MB/s, which is much faster than the traditional SD card speed.After all, the CPU speed of mobile phones is advancing by leaps and bounds, and memory reading and writing speed cannot be held back.If the speed of reading and writing can not keep up, it is equivalent to the brain’s computing ability, legs can not keep up, still can not run fast.Using software to test the performance of the NM card, Crystal Disk Mark and ATTO achieved similar results in read and write speeds, with read speeds up to 4% higher than the nominal 93MB/S and write speeds up to 7% higher than the nominal 82MB/S, which is pretty good.This reading and writing speed is comparable to the built-in storage speed of mobile phones, which is no problem for scenarios that require large amounts of video storage and playback.In the actual experience, I copied seven or eight high-definition videos, including the maximum 4G cloud picture, into the NM card through huawei NM card reader, and then put it into the phone, I can directly read the movies in the card.Generally, the resolution of mobile online movies is not high, and the actual video source size is only about 50MB. However, a 4G HIGH-DEFINITION video source can play directly on the mobile phone with a refreshing feeling, which is far superior to online viewing.Hd no card, for film lovers, is a great enjoyment.It used to take about 20 minutes every other week to delete photos and videos from your phone. Otherwise, installing an app would prompt you to run out of space.Now, the photos and videos of life records can be saved on the NM card, and the app can be installed at will.At this time to review the previous cleaning up the pain of mobile phone space, happiness becomes concrete and image.It seems that Schopenhauer is right, happiness is elusive, avoiding pain is the meaning of life.In summary, this N100 high-speed MEMORY card of DAhua NM supports HUAWEI P series, Mate series, Nova series, Chang Enjoy series, Honor 20 series and 30 series, etc. If you also want to upgrade your mobile phone, you can refer to the above models. Other mobile phone models are also being added to support.Before buying it, you can ask whether your phone supports the NM card.Small capacity mobile phone expansion preferred, come to experience it.