Happy and polite, Wenzhou Honda CR-V PHEV 12.78% discount for car purchase

2022-06-24 0 By

Just small make up in the circle of car friends to see a lot of friends are discussing Honda CR-V PHEV limited time special 35,000 yuan, so attractive price range, want to buy a car friends don’t consider the opportunity to win?Wenzhou Hongda Dongfeng Honda Shop, activity time March 13 – March 15, the opportunity is rare, not to be missed,Let yourself spend less money to buy the car promotion time 2022 March 13 to 2022 March 15 Honda CR-V PHEV latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price preferential range Wenzhou quotation Ray · hybrid E + 2.0LRui Ya edition 299,800 yuan 35,500 yuan 264,800 yuan Rui · hybrid E + 2.0L Rui Chi edition 289,800 yuan 35,500 yuan 254,800 yuan Rui · hybrid E + 2.0L wise edition 273,800 yuan 35,500 yuan 238,800 yuan