Drop the burden!Yue Qingqing: The Chinese women’s curling team needs to handle the ball correctly

2022-06-24 0 By

Beijing, Feb 15 (Beijing time) — China lost to the Russian Olympic Committee 5-11 in the ninth round of women’s curling at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.In the game, China changed again, with captain Han Yu as a substitute and Jiang Xindi playing first base, making her Olympic debut in Beijing.Yue Qingqing, the world curling champion, analyzed the match on social media after the match, writing:”In the first four innings Chinese women played well, also bite tight lead the score two points, a problem occurs in the fifth to the four points of the situation, the reason is that each person has a fatal error as a result, the seventh is the same mistake too many, including the eighth inning that had stolen a two points, the score the more bigger, so the final choice in advance a handshake.”Yue Qingqing pointed out: “From the overall performance of the Chinese team in the ball handling position is not ideal, coupled with more mistakes can always give opponents the opportunity, the other side also seized the opportunity, I hope the women’s team make persistent efforts to put down the burden, the process to do fine, complete, do well.”It is reported that In the first game, China won two points, although the Russian Olympic Committee team in the third set to steal points, but in the fourth set, China’s player Wang Rui grabbed two more points, 4-2 lead.China trailed 4-6 after half time after Dong Ziqi made a serious mistake and was given four points by his opponent in the fifth game.The sixth, The Chinese team back to get a point, the seventh bureau of the Russian Olympic Committee team back to get three points, the eighth bureau, the Chinese team was the opponent to steal two points, The Chinese team 5-11 defeated the Russian Olympic Committee team.