20 year old overseas student erupts!After receiving teammates heel wonderful pass strong shot to break, has harvested 4 balls 5 help

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A few days ago, the result of 2021 Chinese women’s Football Golden Ball award came out, Wang Shuang beat Shen Mengyu and Tang Jiali to hold the fourth golden ball trophy.As for the three candidates for the Golden Ball, fans are familiar with Wang Shuang and Tang Jiali. Tang is not only the winner of the Golden Ball for Women in China in 2020, but also for her outstanding performance in the Asian Cup.So who is Shen Mengyu?Fans didn’t see her on the field in the Asian Cup, so why was she nominated for the Ballon d ‘Or?Shen Mengyu, 20, is a member of China’s overseas team who joined Celtic in the Super League this season.She did not travel to India for the Asian Cup, though, and did not attract the same attention as Miss Tang, who stayed at Tottenham.However, her journey abroad was smoother than other players, shortly after joining the team in a warm-up match against Tottenham, he scored his first assist.Since then, the SPL has officially opened.Coming off the bench in the second round of the SPL, she scored two assists in the draw.Then came the opportunity to start and gradually settle into the team, making a series of assists and scoring the opening goal.Recently, In the Scottish Women’s Cup quarterfinal, Shen Mengyu started and played the whole game.In the 41st minute of the game, he caught a good heel pass and shot past three defenders.In the end, the Calts beat their opponents 2-0.So far this season, Shen has scored four goals and collected five assists.It can be said that he is the best player in the Current Chinese football team, including the men’s football players.So it’s no surprise that he was shortlisted for the 2021 China Women’s Ballon d ‘Or award.Shen was included in China’s training squad for the Asian Women’s Cup but failed to travel to India.However, at present she is only 20 years old, can play in the Celtics first team.Touched shui Qingxia guidance, can be said to be just around the corner.We believe that in the near future, we will definitely see her in the Chinese women’s football team’s international competition.Maybe, in this year’s Asian Games, we can show her elegant demeanour.In addition to showing a sonorous rose spirit on the court, Shen Mengyu is also very cute in life, often sharing their little bit on social media.Fans who follow Chinese women’s football team can follow some Shen Mengyu, you will find she is a very lovely little girl.Come on, Chinese women’s football team, Chinese football!