When it comes to real estate transfers, they will fail once you do these 5 stupid things

2022-06-23 0 By

Buying a house is a technical work, which involves a lot of legal knowledge, buyers do not pay attention to it may be a big mistake, eventually lead to their hard-earned money wasted!Almost all the buyers think that as long as I signed the purchase contract, pay the money, then the house also belongs to me!However, from a legal point of view, the house does not really belong to you until it has been transferred.And real estate transfer but a university ask, a little attention, may fail!Here, xiaobian is to say, for real estate transfer, once you do these 5 stupid things, transfer can fail!First of all, homebuyers need to understand that not all houses can be transferred.For example, the house was seized by the court, even if you and the owner of the transaction, it is not normal transfer!So, when everybody is buying a house, had better understand house property information first, and it is more detailed better, lest bring unnecessary trouble to oneself!If you find that property rights are limited, you’d better not buy it!2. Did not go according to law no matter bridal chamber or secondhand room, both sides of buyer and seller need pay taxes and fees when trading, and the building clinch a deal is higher, the taxes and fees that should pay will be more.If you do not pay all relevant taxes and fees on time, or there is tax evasion, then the house can not handle the transfer.Here, xiaobian reminds you that when buying a house, we must pay attention to paying taxes according to law, but there are no violations!3 not for the record in the purchase contract, if there is no timely record, then the seller can be carried out “one house two sell”, once you encounter this situation, can not handle the transfer.Here, xiaobian reminds you that after signing the purchase contract, we must pay attention to the timely filing, so as not to dream more night long!4. Not clear policy the property market policy of each district is producing change at the moment now, perhaps you still have purchase qualification last month, wait until next month may lose purchase qualification!Therefore, we must pay attention to the changes in the housing market policy when buying a house, if we find that the housing market policy is about to tighten, then you had better hurry to handle the transfer.Transfer data 5. Not clear data in the property transfer, both buyers and sellers need to provide real and complete information, once there is a problem with the data, it can not handle the transfer.Therefore, when handling the transfer formalities, it is best to consult what information is needed first, and strive for one-time preparation, so as not to affect the transfer efficiency!Property transfer is the most critical part of the process of buying a house, only this step is completed, the house really belongs to you!Therefore, learning property transfer related knowledge is extremely important!Finally, xiaobian to remind you, for property transfer, once you do the above 5 stupid things, transfer can fail!