The shadow of the red lamp

2022-06-23 0 By

The red light/Chang Huifang Tonight,I put the images of the red light in the eye as a hug in infancy children in my side stretch spring-like figure that a cry like a spring thunder resounded through the ear in the set off of sweat and fog you weak body to evoke the earth sleeping march lingering in the snow and rain blend contained a rich and exquisite love picture northland of snow has ups and downs in the sleigh austral flowers bloom in the other side of the heart lotus plants have replenishedWhich sentimental woman with pen and ink to write the spring leading to the north and south spring is a kind of yearning in the shadow of the lamp led up the Chinese children together to realize the fetters of the dream like that plant grass, in the pursuit of the grass growing warbler flying in April in memory through another stormy night tonight,No matter how strong the wind can make the flowers afraid, they are drunk in the shadow of the red lamp, smiling with open arms to welcome the happy tomorrow.