Sayin!Xinjiang special police charioteer snow training screen exposure, scene overburning

2022-06-23 0 By

On February 19, the special police brigade of Qinghe County Public Security Bureau in Xinjiang organized the special police members to train their combat ability on horseback. The members sometimes bent their bow to shoot arrows on the boundless snow field, and sometimes raised their guns to shoot. In the training, the special police members could gallop on horseback.Dismount to fight not afraid cold, difficulties such as complicated environment has completed the training task on horseback though travel is a relatively old way, the characteristics of rapid, mobile and flexible, fierce cavalry can in a specific field play an important role in the training include speed, endurance, archery, division of tasks, teamwork, catching skills training course of six patrol team to fully familiar with the contentImprove a series of skills such as horseback pursuit, horseback containment and horseback capture under the premise of combat environment and horse habits