Rush hot search!Giannis antetokounmpo has won 5 straight games against Durant

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The Nets lost 119-120 in overtime to the Milwaukee Bucks on Sunday (Beijing time).Giannis antetokounmpo finished with 44 points, 14 rebounds and six assists on 14-of-21 shooting, and made the game-winning free throw in a perfect performance that propelled him to the top of the national trending list.The Nets dominated the final minutes of the game, leading by seven points with three minutes left, but they fumbled on offense and antetokounmpo seized the opportunity to get within three, hitting a game-tying 3-pointer with 18.7 seconds left to send the game into overtime.In overtime, claxton was fouled with three seconds left and made two free throws to give the Bucks the lead before Durant missed the game-winning shot for a 120-119 victory.Antetokounmpo has won five straight games against Durant since the Nets were eliminated by the Bucks in the playoffs last season, and durant has not won a single game against antetokounmpo since losing the first two meetings this season, 104-127 and 123-126, according to stats.”Antetokounmpo was bigger than Durant today,” Said Skip Bayless after the game.While another American journalist Nick white say: “I really think that in the past 10 years, durant is second only to James player, but just as he beyond the James at the same time, the elder brother of the letters also finished his transcendence, he is the second best player in high school, also ranked second, when the draft is still second, his luck is really bad.”