Network police fighting “epidemic” line, woven community prevention and control network

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# # resistance to disease in Internet police fighting “epidemic” thread woven prison community epidemic prevention and control net on March 26, the Shanghai public security bureau may team traffic control in the residential community police positive reinforcement earthly branch of police station and community rc, enrich a gleam of epidemic prevention and control power, and the medical staff, community workers and volunteers concentric plague,We have worked together to build a safety net for community epidemic prevention, interpreted the belief and responsibility of “people’s public security for the people” with concrete actions, and continued to write a paeans to the fight against COVID-19.Network police network security police incarnation “big white” into the community close to the masses in another battlefield gathered around the masses of flash send people, close to the masses network security police Wang Shuangjie use of expertise, overnight production of mobile phone version of the network questionnaire to help the masses to solve the difficulty of buying vegetables.CAI Junfeng, the community network security police, went deep into the grassroots and worked continuously for more than 9 hours to assist the neighborhood committee to carry out nucleic acid testing.Warm heart assist network security police Han Leng door to door to help residents to complete the antigen kit detection work.Service for the people network security police Qian Qinming in the closed management period to the area volunteer service team to serve the masses.March 26 was the weekend, but Nie Feiping took the loudspeaker in hand, wearing protective clothing to carry out the frontline epidemic prevention reinforcement work!As a network security police, usually take the keyboard and mouse, look at the information on the Internet, now for the first time to the grass-roots police into their own community, the in the mind has a different taste.This day, just received the reinforcement of the first line of duty, Nie Feiping on the first time into xuhui District Huajing Street.The community told him that there were 11 residents in the community with abnormal nucleic acid, which needed to be controlled by building closure.He donned a protective suit, carried a loudspeaker and set to work.Nie Feiping lives in an old building with no elevator. Wearing a heavy protective suit, he shuttled among 11 buildings to conduct air disinfection, informing residents of the current control requirements and asking for their understanding. It took him two hours to complete the task, already sweating.By noon he had no time for rest and lunch.Because the residents of the community do not know this situation, and the community is relatively large, with a vegetable market, a school for the elderly activities, and a large number of elderly people, the crowd gathering situation is complicated.Some elderly people like to play mahjong in the community pavilion without wearing masks, which increases the chance of infection. Therefore, he thinks that the whole community must be informed in the first time.So, he took a loudspeaker in the community of 130 buildings shuttle: “residents, please pay attention, according to the epidemic prevention requirements, the community is closed control, please try not to go out at home, comply with the community management requirements, go out must wear masks!”When confronted with residents who do not understand, he will remind them patiently.When Nie Feiping returned to the neighborhood committee after a successful completion of the day’s tasks, he was exhausted physically and mentally, but his heart was full of pride.”I was worried and anxious when I first received the assignment,” he said. “But I felt strong to contribute to the community and Shanghai’s epidemic prevention work on behalf of the network police.”Her name is Mei Qingqing. Last week, she was working in the Network security Team of Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau to maintain order in cyberspace.This week, she changed her police uniform, put on protective clothing, and went to the community streets to help carry out the city’s nucleic acid testing (antigen testing).Today, her task is to distribute self-testing reagents for COVID-19 antigen to nearly 200 households in cooperation with the community committee.This is the first time for her to assist the NEIGHBORHOOD Commission in nucleic acid testing as a volunteer. Although it is the first time for her to use nucleic acid testing reagent, after repeated practice, she is now an “old driver”, efficiently and orderly guiding residents to carry out self-test of Novel Coronavirus antigen.Mei Qingqing’s community is unique in that it has a high average age and is dominated by the elderly.Acceptance of “new” tests has been relatively slow and procedures need to be adopted house by house.”Aunt, you don’t have to worry, I’ll help you!”That was the most she said all day.Since 2pm, Mei qingqing has been knocking on doors to distribute testing reagents, explaining how to use them, helping the elderly living alone to carry out testing and instructing them to upload test results.It took four hours, and by the end it was getting dark.Mei qingqing’s mouth was dry and her voice was slightly dumb. When she took off her protective suit, she found that she had been soaked to the skin and her face was deeply imprinted by a mask.But today’s Mei Qingqing has received countless smiles, countless words of thanks and countless understandings.”I can’t work with others because of isolation, but AS a police officer, I have to do something for the epidemic,” she said.Epidemic is an order, I would like to do that “the first line of defense” just finished four days of unit closed management Han Chen Bo returned home, this thought can finally breathe a sigh of relief, but the epidemic is an order, he received a new task.On the morning of March 26, han Chenbo took the initiative to step forward and actively contacted changhai Street to assist the community committee to carry out voluntary work of antigen detection reagent self-testing.Han Chen Bo in the community of the elderly, most of the inconvenient legs, up and down there is no elevator.For this kind of situation, Han Chen bo timely change the original residents downstairs to get reagents plan, take the initiative to enter the building, door to door to climb the building issued antigen detection reagents.Some old people could not see clearly the instructions for the use of reagents, and some old people could see clearly but did not understand, so she would guide and explain again and again until the old people could use them correctly.When the completion of all the reagents in the district, self-testing work, take off the protective clothing, sweat has soaked through the clothes, but to be able to put the whole community health, hidden trouble investigation, build a strong epidemic “first line of defense”, Han Chen Bo will feel that these are worth it!During the distribution of reagents, a resident was seen rushing down the stairs in a panic.Han Chen bo immediately came forward to understand the situation: the original residents mistakenly thought that the community is about to close, ready to go to the supermarket supplies.Han Chen Bo patient to do a good job to appease the work, eventually, the residents of the mood finally stable down, take the initiative to cooperate with the detection work.Rooted on the line, s home, ecstasy in epidemic prevention and control the critical moment, Korea royal wave overcome home both realistic difficulties, 2 years old children starving family will entrust with the police’s husband, with high sense of responsibility and mission, in their own positions built a solid barrier “epidemic”, the women’s heart, commitment, she is like a red flag unfurled,Guard a party peace.Screenshot pictures | network Internet police edit | materials | Shanghai ZuoJie