Interview with Bode Dental implant director Zhao Xianhu: Chang Huai awe, stop

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From a budding dental student to a dental implant doctor, he used his exquisite skills to dispel the haze of poor diet for people with missing teeth;From being questioned that “young people can’t handle affairs reliably” to constantly having customers introduce relatives and friends to see teeth, he won the trust of more than 5000 people with missing teeth with his “perspectiveness”.He called himself “dental artisan”, and he was Zhao Xianhu, director of implant in Haizhu District of Bode Stomatological Hospital.I first met Director Zhao Xianhu in his office, and his preciseness was my first impression.At that time, he was patiently explaining postoperative precautions to the patient and sending the patient away. He did not have time to rest before starting the interview.”I was introduced to the new dental concept of dental implant when I was in college. At that time, the traditional way of repairing missing teeth was to use movable teeth and porcelain teeth, but most people didn’t know that dental implant was available,” Zhao said.In my hometown, many people with teeth missing in rural areas can only feed themselves with gruel like infants. Their plight made me decide to become an implant doctor.”Dental implant is a complex technique in stomatology, because the condition, duration, location and number of missing teeth vary from person to person, and the implant plan varies from person to person.Stomatology is also a continuously developing discipline, and the needs of missing teeth for dental implants are also constantly updated. Therefore, “never too old to learn” is the normal work of an oral doctor.In order to continuously improve his skills and learn more cutting-edge planting methods, Zhao Xianhu will spend some time to go out to study at his own expense 2-3 times a year on average to discuss and exchange medical technologies with well-known scholars at home and abroad.When talking about his experience in medicine, Zhao Xianhu said twelve words: “Always hold a heart of awe, adhere to the essence of medical treatment”.He has his own unique experience in treating patients – perspective-taking.What is dope in zhuhai has more than 70 years of age, and see a doctor before full mouth with only a few rickety residual roots of teeth, eat a meal to spend 2 hours, after the tortuous find Zhao Xianhu, director of the inspection found that high blood pressure, what is dope maxillary alveolar ridge atrophy seriously, not only can choose planting site not ideal, plant operation is a security risk.However, Zhao Shu’s desire to repair the missing teeth is very urgent. Director Zhao Xianhu decided to solve this problem by means of GBR incremental implant after repeated research and consideration.Under the condition that Zhao’s blood pressure was within the operable range, Director Zhao Xianhu improved the thickness of Zhao’s alveolar bone perfectly, laying a solid foundation for the next implant implantation.Now Uncle Zhao has repaired his missing teeth for more than two years. Not only does his face no longer collapse, his diet has returned to normal, but his body is much healthier. Recently, he said happily that he felt he could live to 120 years old!There are many missing teeth like Zhao Shu, Director zhao suggested: if there is a dental problem to go to the formal professional dental institutions as soon as possible to treat, to pay attention to and protect their teeth, teeth good life and work will be more confident, the future is more beautiful.It doesn’t take ten minutes to plant a tooth, but behind this is the continuous efforts of Director Zhao Xianhu for eleven years. He finally practices the spirit of “fine medicine, lean and fine art”, and implements the medical attitude of “medical craftsman”, and writes the dream pursuit of an oral doctor.