Arrived emeritus age, endowment insurance did not pay quite fixed number of year how to do?

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Get the weather news of the next few days to the retirement age endowment insurance payment does not meet the prescribed number of years to do?First of all, it is necessary to distinguish the types of insured workers endowment insurance is divided into urban workers endowment insurance and urban and rural residents endowment insurance 01 if participating in urban workers endowment insurance in July 1, 2011, China implemented the “Social Insurance Law”.The first kind of circumstance is in “social insurance law” join after carry out protect and capture expends, arrived emeritus age does not satisfy capture expends fixed number of year requirement, continue pay please, until satisfy a condition, get primary annuities again.The 2nd kind of circumstance is in “social insurance law” join before carry out keep capture capture, legal emeritus age arrived after carry out, but capture capture fixed number of year did not pay full, also be to continue year by year capture, but capture still capture is dissatisfied 5 years, can one-time fill capture arrives full 15 years, deal with emeritus formalities and get pay next.If you have already reached the age of 60 and have not received the basic old-age security treatment stipulated by the state when you participate in the first case of urban and rural residents’ old-age insurance, you can receive the basic old-age pension of urban residents’ old-age insurance on a monthly basis without having to pay.For example, when the system was implemented in 2014 in Place A, Uncle Jia, who was 62 years old at that time, could directly receive the basic pension for urban residents on A monthly basis without paying fees.When the system of the second case is implemented, those who are less than 15 years away from the prescribed age of receipt shall pay the payment year by year, and shall also be allowed to make up the payment, and the accumulative payment shall not exceed 15 years.For example, when the system was implemented in 2014, a 55-year old woman, Lu, was required to pay contributions for five consecutive years until she was 60 years old, and could receive a monthly urban resident pension.When system of the 3rd kind of circumstance is carried out, be apart from a regulation to get age to exceed 15 years, should press year capture expends, accumulative total capture is not less than 15 years ability gets annuities.When the system is implemented, sister Liu, who is 40 years old, should pay by year. After 15 years of accumulative payment, she can receive monthly urban resident pension when she gets the age.Source | human resources social security affairs WeChat