You never know how important writing is to getting ahead in the workplace?

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Yesterday, when CHATTING with a friend, he spent the whole afternoon complaining about one thing: “Those who work are not as good as those who write PPT”.My friend is working as a sales manager in a listed company. Since the sales director of South China region left the company, the company decided to choose one of him or another sales manager as the sales director.Under the situation of regional epidemic, he completed the task and exceeded 150%, while his competitors only completed 85%. The gap was so big that he thought it was natural for him to be promoted as director.However, after the year-end summary meeting, the company announced the appointment of his competitor as the sales director of South China. According to his analysis, it was because he did not do as well as others in the PPT presentation at the year-end report that he lost the opportunity.In order to understand the details, I asked my friend the difference between his powerpoint presentation and that of his competitors.His friend said that his PPT was relatively simple. First, he compared the tasks with the completed situation; second, he listed the project tracking and the completed situation of this year and gave a clear description in detail; third, he concluded with the plan of next year.His competitor’s powerpoint presentation was too flashy.The first is the analysis of regional economy. The second is the comparison of tasks and achievements achieved in previous years.Third, this year’s project tracking and completion analysis, including the project tracking process, the meeting minutes of the project analysis, project bidding review summary and so on are displayed on the PPT;Fourthly, it makes a detailed analysis of customer portraits and combs out the key project decision-making chain. Fifthly, it plans the work of the next year, including: project situation, project analysis, sales strategy, customer portrait analysis, cooperation before and after sales, how to improve customer satisfaction strategy and so on.In short, it is much more complicated than his PPT, and the PPT template gives a more solemn and composed feeling, not as casual as he is.In what ways is writing important in the workplace?It is not difficult to see that writing is a kind of expressive power. Excellent written expression ability is one of the most important abilities in work and one of the necessary skills for every workplace employee.In daily work, writing is interspersed. daily and weekly work reports, emails to leaders, emails for cross-department communication, emails to customers, enterprise plans, meeting minutes, work reports, market analysis, reporting reports, year-end summaries, etc.It may be WORD, POWERPOINT or EXCEL, but it’s all in the writing category.With the development of science and technology today, instant messaging software such as wechat, QQ and Dingding have long occupied our lives. Communicating and expressing with words is still a skill that modern people must master.In the workplace, not only know how to bow to pull, but also know how to look up at the road.Lower the head to pull the car is the work you do, look up at the road is to learn to express the work you do accurately, so that the leadership clearly and accurately know what you do, what kind of contribution to the company, the unit.Otherwise you only bow to pull the cart, but will not look up at the road, then you will always be the grass-roots person pulling the cart.Good writing skills will allow you to express yourself more clearly and accurately, so that the manager can see your best, and once the manager can see your ability, you are not far away from promotion.Second, writing can promote deep thinking and cultivate logical thinking.Now is the age of information explosion, people have been accustomed to fragmentation culture, most people are impetuous, few people can settle down to think.As the Internet enters the 5G era, short videos, network dramas, reality shows and other programs are becoming more and more popular among people. Just as a post-90s office worker said, “There are so many good dramas that you can’t catch up with, so where do you have time to sit at 45 angles and look up at the stars and think.”Document writing in the workplace must be considered, and the document must be logical.Writing is the input of information and the output of your thinking.Thinking is undeniably important to writing.Unlike literature, workplace writing can give full play to our subjective initiative and express our romantic whimsy.In the process of official document writing, your insight to observe things, recognize things, and discover the relationship between things will be improved, so as to subconsciously develop the habit of logical thinking.Writing can Increase Your Knowledge and Broaden Your Horizons If you want to write a good article, you must need a lot of material.In writing, it is inevitable to encounter some knowledge blind spots, at this time we need to collect information, and the process of collecting information is also the process of learning new knowledge, the increase of knowledge reserve will also broaden your vision.A knowledgeable and open-minded person, as long as the eq is not particularly low, will be given priority in the work.Luo Zhenyu, founder of Weiwei APP, once said, “In the workplace, or in the contemporary society, the most important ability is the ability to express, because in the future society, the most important asset is influence. Influence includes the ability to write and the ability to make speeches.”Luo Zhenyu puts writing first, which shows that writing is indeed one of the most important skills for advancement in the workplace. You really need to pay attention to it!If you like it, please pay attention!