The atmosphere team worked so hard!Meet the winter Olympics fans in big Wuhan

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On February 4, 2022 winter Olympic Games in Beijing the opening ceremony on stunning mascot ice mound mound fire also constantly atmosphere when the ice mound mound in wuhan in wuhan, big feeling, full client “photography team” plate net friend xiao li share a set of photos attracted small make up of wuhan girl of seven of homemade rings buttons and cheer for the winter Olympics, the Yangtze river bridge, the yellow crane tower bells…In MOE MOE, lovely ice mound mound and wuhan sign “box” for winter games held in China, meng meng is particularly happy, last night of MOE also watched the opening ceremony live together with my family, mother specially for MOE MOE recorded a video, the Chinese team into the venue, MOE of the little flag tied to a stick and waving flags, mother said: “of primary, also want to be a standard-bearer.”Wuhan girl Meng Meng first grade this year, from the age of two, she has been using a paintbrush to record life.Coincides with the Winter Olympics held in China, Meng Meng saw the Winter Olympics badge is particularly beautiful, so she made a set of wuhan’s own bing Dun Dun badge, Meng Meng also sent blessings for the Winter Olympics in the video: “Wuhan children wish the Winter Olympics a complete success.”The reporter learned that even when meng Meng painting, the family will take down the painting process.Do you recognize the five wuhan symbols drawn by the cute children?In addition to painting to cheer for the Winter Olympics, some citizens directly go to the ski resort to experience.In Hubei province, snow and ice tourism projects are very popular, and the province’s major snow and ice scenic spots are in full swing.Netizen Yu Yuanfang posted skiing photos in the “Photography team” to experience the atmosphere of the Winter Olympics.Recently, Yu went skiing with her family at taohua Chong Ski resort in Yingshan. “I feel proud that China is hosting the Winter Olympics, and I want to have a try,” yu said.Although they were beginners, they found skiing challenging and interesting, so they became more and more interested in the sport.It is understood that Yu Yuanfang likes mobile phone photography at ordinary times, and will record the life and beautiful moments around her on the wuhan app.In major shopping malls in Wuhan, ice and snow sports continue to “heat up”, big friends and children together “play ice”, enjoy the fun of ice and snow sports.Early in the morning, Xiao Dingdong took her children to the real ice rink to experience ice sports.Because the child learned roller skating for a few years, quickly get used to skating on the ice.”In recent years, there are more and more real ice rinks in Wuhan, and I feel that ice sports are gradually becoming popular.While watching the Winter Olympics, people can also experience the pleasure of ice sports.”Do you want to watch the game and share the fun with everyone?January 25th, Changjiang Daily Wuhan client launched # My Winter Olympics # interactive activity you only need to take photos or small video band # my Winter Olympics # topic upload to wuhan client “photography team” section click the picture below to participate in the collection of content:1, New Year sports pictures and videos 2, photo with the Winter Olympics sports pictures 3, about watching the Winter Olympics mood story collection time: From January 25 to February 20, 2022 activities benefits:The top three users of “Topic King”, the top three users of “Sport King” and the top three users of “Winter Olympics Talent” will get the “Winter Olympics gift package” sent by wuhan Client united skateboard Stadium.1, “topic king” : top three users with the highest number of posts 2, “Sports king” : top three users with the most sports fan 3, “Winter Olympics talent” : top three users with the highest number of likes on a single post “Winter Olympics gift package” include:Hanwei Sports Free playing 2-hour ticket for badminton, Hanwei Sports Free playing 2-hour ticket for basketball, Hanwei Sports Children’s Fencing Introductory course package, 1 free skating ticket for Kaide Store of Champion Ice Rink, and 1 ticket for Skater Park.Here comes the walkthrough!Let us tell you how the camera crew posts?Now, more and more people know about ice and snow sports, they love ice and snow sports. Some of them may find that there are more and more standard ice rinks with more and more professional coaches, and ski resorts are closer and closer to home. Everyone can feel the joy of ice and snow sports.Can become a member of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games each competition will open one after another let us cheer for the Chinese athletes together to come to the “Winter Olympic Year” “Big Wuhan” look forward to your participation!(Yangtze River Daily Big Wuhan client produced text: Dai Rongtian sweet part of the picture source Xinhua News Agency) more exciting content, please download the “big Wuhan” client in each major application market.