The Spring Festival float show “Fortune, Fortune and Fortune”, and the second performance

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The 2022 Lunar New Year float show was held last night, attracting many residents and tourists from all over the world.There will also be a flower show in the north district on the 12th (12th) of the Lunar year. Don’t miss it!Guest host floats display this winter season starting ceremony of two years of annual grade floats in display last night held a grand, cruise to “tiger tiger turn things around”, combining with float parade, theatrical performances, exhibitions, etc., floats along the way to the audience on wishes and theatrical performances, and arranged for 15 minutes of performances, fireworks to celebrate New Year and wish Beijing Olympic winter games held smoothly,For residents and visitors to bring a wonderful and unforgettable, lively New Year feast.The float show is organised by Mgto and co-organised by Asia Tourism And Exchange Centre, Municipal Services Department, Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Cultural Affairs Bureau, Sports Bureau and Economic Development Bureau, Executive Committee of Hengqin Guangdong-Macao Deep Cooperation Zone.The kick-off ceremony was held at 8 PM last night at Sai Wan Lake Plaza.The third day float show and fireworks show bring visual feast to the audience.In his speech, Economic and financial Secretary Li Wai-nong began by wishing the residents good health, prosperity and prosperity in the New Year.He said that the Chinese New Year float show has become one of the most popular festive activities among Macao residents and tourists.The resumption of this year’s event, in strict compliance with the epidemic prevention and control measures, is of special significance to Macao’s image as a safe city for tourists.At the same time, under the cooperation of various units, the event was held smoothly, fully reflecting the charm of the grand event capital.The SAR government will continue to deepen the cross-boundary integration of “Tourism plus”, enabling visitors to experience rich tourism elements, stimulating new impetus for the development of Macao’s tourism industry and surrounding industries, and contributing to the steady recovery of Macao’s economy.He also wished the Beijing Winter Olympics, which open today, a great success.The float was dazzling and the audience couldn’t see it.Performance this year by QingYuan band and Ft. Rapper JRD & J.H O, under and after the tiger general surrender wing (epidemic) beast “the tiger tiger turn things around” story as the theme of the multimedia pantomime, string 14 a float, in conjunction with 22 mainland and local display team, by the west bay HuGuangChang, through the main street, sun yat-senTerminating at the Science Museum, the parade was well received.At the end of the performance, the audience received a souvenir of the Fu Fu Tiger Gift pack.At 9:45 PM, the fireworks show on the third day of the eighth lunar month, with the theme of “Roaring tiger, Auspicious Omen, bright Winter Olympics”, exploded for 15 minutes in front of the tourist tower.In order to meet the Beijing Winter Olympic Games grand held, the performance is more special to join the five ring subtitle fireworks effect, wish China’s winter Olympic athletes together win the gold medal, a successful achievement of the first blessing of the float show.The second float show will enter the north area at 8 PM on February 12. The grand finale will be arranged in youhan Market Park from 8:15 PM to celebrate the festival.The 14 floats will also be displayed at the Seawall of the Science Museum from February 4 to February 11, and at Tower Stone Square from February 13 to February 20 for residents and visitors.General Fu Fu fu fu fu fu fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu Fu FuIn addition, fireworks displays will continue to be arranged at 9 PM on Chinese New Year’s Day (7 February) and Chinese Lantern Festival (15 February), respectively, to extend the festive atmosphere of the activities.Performers and audience share happiness in the New Year the Macao residents and tourists on February 20th, from this day to vote floats in online games during the activity, choose the most beautiful floats, participants can also be daily in the game platform for electronic coupons and “gold ingot” store to a specified number of “gold ingot” convertibility different merchants prize;On the day of the second float show, participants will be given 10 extra “Gold Ingot” to redeem more gifts and e-coupons. The prizes will be sent to the merchants via SMS for instant redemption to facilitate economic activities.The performers bring gold ingot into the arena and the dancers move beautifully.A large number of residents braved the cold weather last night to enjoy the floats and performances from the Waterfront recreation area to the Science Museum as the highlight of the Chinese New Year festival.Some residents came in early to enjoy the show. They found it lively and wonderful, and the children liked it very much.As the epidemic situation in Australia is stable, we agree that the resumption of the performance will add to the festive atmosphere and give residents more lunar New Year experience.After the opening ceremony of the show last night, the glittering floats and the parade started marching along Sun Yat-sen Boulevard towards the Science Museum.A large number of residents, especially parents and children, showed up early in the morning, looking forward to the arrival of the floats and the performance team.Mrs Guo and her son entered the arena. She pointed out that most of the Spring Festival before the epidemic went out to travel. She was staying in Australia this year, and brought her son to the arena to watch the float.In order to enjoy the performance with the best visual view, the family arrived at Sai Wan Wu Plaza at 6.30pm, but the seats were already full and they were transferred to the Science Museum. We hope there will be more seats in the auditorium in the future.Add joy and eliminate bad luck all kinds of floats to the eye, residents have taken photos.The Tan Sheng family also entered to appreciate, said the child is just two years old this year, specially brought him to experience the show, see its dragon and lion dance and all kinds of floats are very interested in.At present, the epidemic situation is slowing down, holding activities can increase the festive atmosphere, residents are more happy, the epidemic prevention measures have been done, agree to resume.Miss Gao, the performer of the Luoliang Sports Association, said that the float show had been suspended for two years. During the show, she noticed that the atmosphere was better this year and there were more residents present. As a performer, she was very happy and had not felt this way for a long time.A dragon and lion dance performance was staged with “tiger cubs” interacting with residents along the way.It is hoped that the performance will bring the epidemic to an end as soon as possible.Part of the image source: Tourism Bureau