Is it any wonder Harden wants to go?If this continues, the Nets are in jeopardy for the playoffs, let alone the championship

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It’s New Year’s Eve, and the NBA regular season is in full swing.To celebrate the Chinese New Year, NBA teams in cities with large Chinese populations and large domestic fan bases have recently launched a number of programs to celebrate the Chinese New Year.The Golden State Warriors hosted the Brooklyn Nets in a Chinese New Year game yesterday morning (Beijing time) between two teams with many stars and fans.In preparation for the nationally televised game, warriors stars Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson greeted fans at the entrance of chase Center with banners showing them holding Spring Festival couplets.The favorites in the East and West also have stars in Curry, Thompson, Green and Wiggins for the Warriors and Durant, Harden, Irving and Aldridge for the Nets.However, with durant and Harden out of the Big three due to injuries, Irving was the only one to play against the warriors.Coming into the game, the Warriors had won four in a row, overhauling a sluggish performance on both ends of the court.The Nets have lost three games in a row and are on the verge of falling out of the top six and straight into the playoffs because of injuries to their big three and the absence of Kyrie Irving at home.The Warriors took the lead in the first quarter, led by Wiggins, who made his first career All-Star game, scoring 14 points on 6-of-9 shooting to help golden State take an 11-point lead at 31-20.The second quarter went back and forth, but the Warriors dominated the game and led by seven points, 54-47, at halftime.In the first half of the third quarter, the familiar three-man frenzy returned, and the Warriors went on a run that stretched the lead to as many as 19 points.Just when fans thought the game was headed for garbage time again, Irving turned it on, leading his team on a spurt late in the third quarter to close the gap, leaving the Warriors with a two-point lead, 78-76, at the end of three quarters.The final quarter went into overdrive, with the deficit rising as the Splash brothers, who had struggled through the first three quarters, turned on Thompson for nine points on 3-for-3 shooting and Curry for 14 points on 3-for-6 shooting.Shoot the fairy although Owen last seven seconds again the lakers to a point, but the last time a more controversial decisions Owen’s foul on the soup before serving god let the garage to get a free throws, then soup to secure two free throws, god finally warriors at home with a 110-106 win over the nets, the focus of the war victory.The game after the end of the warriors had won five straight, and the nets is encountered first fourth consecutive season, also fell to the east fourth position to sixth, leading in seventh place of only 1.5 games, the hornets leading in 11 of the wizards have eight games, which for the nets, if they cannot find the next state, want to through the playoffs, it will be dangerous.If we fall into the play-offs, all bets are off.Harden, who has played more than any other of the big three, had to wait until the game to make a decision because of an arm injury, and he missed his second straight game.Not only that, but the rumors surrounding harden jumping out of his contract to join the 76ers this summer are growing, as harden, who turned down an early extension from the Nets last offseason, is also signaling that he’s going to wait to see how the Nets finish this season.Since losing to the Eastern Conference semifinals last season, frequent injuries among the Nets’ big three have kept the NBA’s offensive trio from finding their best form for the regular season.Reports that Harden may be unhappy in Brooklyn, confused and unhappy with Irving’s “part-time” status on the road, and frustrated with Nash’s lack of rotation, especially with the big three, have made it harder for him to dream of a championship.At 33 years old, James Harden is in the twilight of his career, and his biggest dream is to win a championship of his own.After all, durant and Irving both have championships on their hands, and harden’s desire for a ring is understandable.After failing to win a championship in his first season since being traded to the Nets last season, this will be the most critical season for him in the Nets and the one that will determine the future of his career.Now the Nets are in bad shape, and coach Steve Nash’s coaching ability is also the subject of frenzied ridicule from fans and the media.If the Nets don’t qualify for the playoffs, it will be even more difficult for them to win.If it doesn’t happen, harden’s future with the Nets is in doubt.And soha’s future multiple picks for Harden are likely to be lost to the Nets, relying on the aging Durant?It’s quite difficult too!