In January, xiamen new house users paid attention to the big data report

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According to fangtianxia big data shows that the unit price of the real estate, the district and county business district where the real estate is located and the housing type of the real estate are the three most concerned factors for users to choose real estate.In January, xiang ‘an, Jimei and Tong ‘an were the most popular areas for buyers in Xiamen.The most concerned buildings are Dijing Garden in Siming, Jinmao xiamen International Community in Xiang ‘an and Genting Supreme.In terms of the properties of real estate, xiamen users mainly pay attention to the unit price of real estate, the district/county business district where the real estate is located and the house type of real estate, accounting for 87.46%, 8.04% and 3.86% respectively.In January, the most concerned new residential buildings in Xiamen were mainly concentrated in Xiang ‘an, Jimei and Tong ‘an, accounting for 25.12%, 23.27% and 19.98% respectively.Ranking source Regional attention ratio 1 Xiang ‘an 25.12%2 Jimei 23.27%3 Tong ‘an 19.98%4 Haicang 11.90%5 Siming 11.67%6 Huli 7.20%7 Huanxia area 0.84% Table: Real estate area attention ranking data Source:In January, for new residential buildings in Xiamen, the most concerned business area is Maluan Bay area, accounting for 20.00%, followed by Jimei Culture and Education Area, accounting for 16.00%, and the east Sea area ranked third, accounting for 16.00%.Ranked regional attention ratio 1 Maluan Bay Area 20.00%2 Jimei Culture and Education Area 16.00%3 East Rim Sea area 16.00%4 Wuyuanwan Business Circle 12.00%5 Huandao Road business circle 8.00%6 Jiao Mei 7 Coastal residential area 4.00%8 Xiamen North Railway Station business district 4.00%9 Xingbei New Town 4.00%10 Xiang ‘an New city 4.00In January, dijing Garden attracted the highest attention of xiamen real estate, accounting for 6.71%, Jinmao xiamen International Community ranked second, accounting for 5.49%, genting Zun ranked third, accounting for 4.57%.1 Di Jing Yuan Siming 6.71%2 Jin MAO · Xiamen International Community Xiang ‘an 5.49%3 Genting Zhi Zunming 4.57%4 Jian Fa · Wuyuan Constantly Yuelu Li 4.42%5 Shimao Cui Can Tian Chen Xiang ‘an 3.20%6 CoFCO · Yunxi No.1 Jimei 3.05%7 Zhong Jun ·Tianxi Siming 2.59%8 Xiamen Sea World Huli 2.59%9 CCCC · International Trade Lu Yuan Jimei 2.59%10 CTS · Haiyue Jimei 2.44% table: Ranking data source:In January, for new houses in Xiamen, the bedroom most concerned by users was no.1, accounting for 33.33%, followed by No.4, accounting for 25.00%, and No.2 ranked third, accounting for 16.67%.Figure: Housing attention ranking data source:Fangtianxia data center real estate unit price attention ranking in January in Xiamen real estate unit price users most concerned is more than 50000 yuan /㎡, attention ratio of 2.94%, followed by 10,000-20000 yuan /㎡, attention ratio of 0.37%, 10000 yuan /㎡ below the user attention ranking third, attention ratio of 0.37%.Rank unit price range (YUAN /㎡) Attention ratio over 150,000 2.94% 210,000-20,000.37% below 310,000 0.37% 420,000-30,000 0.37% Table: Housing unit price attention ranking data source: Fangtianxia Data Center