Focus on preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics | New Year’s Eve, they are still working hard at their posts

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On New Year’s Eve, they are still fighting hard at their posts – Zhangjiakou Olympic Games traffic security front line scene On January 31, New Year’s Eve.When thousands of families are immersed in the festive and auspicious festive atmosphere, in Hebei Province Winter Olympics transportation security sub-headquarters and Chongli Winter Olympics core area line, there is such a group of “strangers” stick to their posts, they ensure the smooth work of the Winter Olympics transportation security, spend a memorable night.At 8:00 PM, in the relatively high altitude of the Genting venues, the outdoor temperature has reached more than minus 20 degrees Celsius, but the “Snow Wolf” team, responsible for the snow removal and maintenance of roads between venues in the core area of the Winter Olympics, night patrol work has just begun.”Even if there is no snow, in windy conditions snow can fall on the track and affect road traffic, especially after a big snowfall the day before.The athletes’ official training has already begun, and we must monitor the traffic situation in real time to make sure the snow is found and removed in time, “he said.”Said Jinghua Hu, 59, who was leading the Snow Wolf team on a sweep just across the road from the Genting stadium.At this time, his son Hu Hao, daughter-in-law Jia Ting, is also shoveling snow command center, communication and analysis of the stadium traffic flow.The couple, who were born in the 1990s, are also members of the “Snow Wolves” team.This year, In order to protect the Winter Olympics, She decided to give up the chance to reunite with her family.But since the beginning of January this year, because of chongli continuous snow, Hu Jinghua in the front line of continuous running, a lot of haggard.The son and his daughter-in-law agreed to help their father share some of the organization and logistics.Since arriving here, in order to help the team to get familiar with the stadium road, hiking, hands-on mapping, has become the couple’s normal work.”I’m very relieved and proud that the family can celebrate the reunion in this way.”As she spoke, Hu’s face beamed with happiness.For 43-year-old Chen Jianquan, this year’s New Year’s Eve was equally memorable.As the head of the 188 no. 1 bus team of Shijiazhuang Public Transport Corporation, he spent almost every Spring Festival at work, but it was the first time he had ever been away from home.At 9 o ‘clock in the evening, he just finished dispatching his responsible for the line of vehicles, and then completed the day’s work of the task of vehicles for elimination and cleaning earnestly.Chen jianquan was one of the first 24 members of a 745-member team from Shijiazhuang Public Transport Corporation who arrived in Zhangjiakou on January 7 to help ensure transportation for the Winter Olympics.During the competition, he will be responsible for transporting athletes to and from zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village, the athletes’ Complex area of the National Biathlon Center and the athletes’ Complex area of the National Cross-country Skiing Center.In order to complete the transport task safely and smoothly, Chen jianquan and his teammates carried out line tests continuously, visited and explored roads beyond the prescribed lines, and kept in mind all the road names, turning references and stations in the core area of the Winter Olympics.At 11 p.m., many rooms of the provincial transportation support headquarters for the Winter Olympics in downtown Chongli were still lit.The staff here should contact the staff in the ring to jointly complete the traffic guarantee task during the race, and must stay behind to do a good job in overall planning and scheduling and peripheral guarantee work.Chen Ning, who was transferred from the provincial expressway Daguang branch to the winter Olympics office of the provincial department of Transport last July, is one of them.In Chongli, she made plans, made plans and wrote reports. Her work was trivial and busy, and working overtime was common, even on New Year’s Eve.When she finished her work and wanted to make a video with her 5-year-old son, she found that he had fallen asleep and could only listen to her son’s childish voice repeatedly in the mobile phone: “Mom, pay attention to your health.Teachers and children praised my mother.”Because of her work, Chen ning said, her son is like a little fan of the Winter Olympics.”He always asked me when HE could take him to have a look at yunding and the ancient Poplar Pavilion.I think, after the Olympics, that’s one of my wishes for 2022…”She smiled, but tears welled up in her eyes.(Hebei Daily reporter Zhao Ruixue correspondent Tan Lei) Statement: Reprint this article is for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: