A heart-warming moment in the New Year

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Editor’s Note: During the Year of the Tiger in Chinese Lunar Calendar, volunteers in “red vests” send New Year wishes and care to left-behind children and other special groups.The armed police officers and soldiers who stayed in the green barracks made New Year wishes, imagined a bright future and sent New Year’s greetings to our great motherland.FIG. 1: Young volunteers in Dangtu County carry out the warm winter public welfare activity of caring for left-behind children. In shangjin Village, Jiangxin Township, they give the left-behind children warm winter gifts such as New Year’s gift bag, Year of the Tiger doll, cotton hat, scarf, gloves, etc. to warm up the winter and protect hope with love.Figure 2: The police of Hefei Railway Public Security Office jixi North Station went to Jiapeng Township Primary School in Jixi County, cared for the rural students, presented school supplies, played games together and spent a happy New Year.Figure 3: Young volunteers in Funan County gave 45 “warm boxes” containing new cotton-padded jackets, shoes, gloves, hats, scarves and other warm gifts to left-behind children in No. 8 Primary School, Zhangdian Primary School in Jiaopi Town, Laoguan Township Central Primary School and Feiguang Primary School in Funan to feel love and warmth in the cold winter.Figure 4: Dongsheng Road Primary School in Yingdong District, Fuyang city carried out the volunteer activity of supporting talents and sending warmth. Party branch secretary and principal Jiang Jun and party members of the school sent warm New Year gift packages to the families of students with financial difficulties respectively.Photo 5: Officers and soldiers of No. 4 Squadron of Hefei Detachment of ANHUI Armed Police Force write down their New Year wishes and best wishes on cards.Correspondent Ou Zongtao zhang Sanwu Tian Junsheng Zhang Yunwen Liu Yatong Ge Miao Xu Wei Reporter fu Jun/Photo