Outdoor brother Qian Xiaojia comeback?But bestie’s ultra high level of appearance, but instantly caused hot discussion

2022-06-21 0 By

Mention the words of outdoor anchor, I believe that many netizens, the first time to think is Tong Jincheng, after all, known as the “jiangnan first affectionate”, with a high appearance level and stylish man’s body quickly exploded.But in fact, in terms of fame, qian Xiaojia was the real outdoor anchor ceiling, he was banned by Douyu three years ago, silent for a long time.And in the recent spread of his comeback in tiger teeth live news, which can cause the attention of many fans, but they are still worried, halfway out of qian Xiaojia, can also in tiger teeth outdoor section, to obtain a place?So let’s take a look.At present, it has been a week since Qian Xiaojia resumed broadcasting, but his popularity has not decreased at all, and even the number of subscriptions has reached 200,000. This growth rate is quite terrible, enough to see the support of his fans.And in order to let the netizens see better outdoor live, Qian Xiaojia with 617 and beauty bestie opened, called “bounty hunter” game, mainly he is wandering around in the street, during will leave clues in the fan base, as long as water friends can find him outdoors, can get bounty.Have to say, this kind of you catch up with me novel play, or quite attractive, so many water friends are very looking forward to it, want to know the result.But during this period, because running is too tired, 617 beauty bestie took off the mask, but instantly was shocked by the netizens, because the female bestie appearance level is very high, and from the appearance, very similar to the star Tang Wei, even Qian Xiaojia could not help but call his wife.So inside the direct broadcast room immediately lively rise, however water friends think his smile is too “wretched”, return specially make fun of him to let 617 get down to the wife when a stool.I have to say that this cheerful atmosphere, kind of pulls the show full.And since Qian Xiaojia dare to play with such a difficult operation “bounty hunters”, so it must be a net friend I’m willing, so Qian Xiaojia thrilling run all the way, a few times by bus transfer destination, even specially sends a false news, but well-connected friends, he alone behind the building, plus from aspects of the analysis,Or catch them while they’re resting.So Qian Xiaojia can only helplessly give a large watermelon bounty, and also in the studio to provide a lot of benefits, is a smooth celebration.It has to be said that although Qian Xiaojia has not broadcast for three years, as a former outdoor brother, he is obviously very rich, I believe that as long as he can operate well in the follow-up, he will still be able to achieve good results.If netizens are interested, they can go to Tiger Tooth live stream and follow his follow-up trends.