It takes two to make a quarrel. How can people bully you instead of others

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Soon after xiao Bao was born, his mother died in an accident. His father had to go out to work for a living and entrusted xiao Bao to his parents to take care of him. Therefore, xiao Bao spent his childhood with his grandparents and only got some father’s love during the Spring Festival every year.The deep-rooted preference for sons in the remote areas, coupled with the death of xiao Bao’s mother after her birth, made her considered unlucky.Most of xiao Bao’s clothes are worn by her relatives and her grandmother sews and mends them for her. She often plays alone, because other children laugh at her for not having parents. Because her full name is Wang Baobao, she is often made fun of by other children, so xiao Bao always feels ashamed of her name.Xiao Bao hated school very much, because there would be naughty classmates deliberately bully her, throw chewing gum on her head, not only that, while she was not in class, but also tore up her exercise book.Sometimes it’s not just that you can get by without messing with people.The teacher will not interfere in the eyes, compared to a child who is autistic, I believe that everyone likes lively and lovely children.Xiao Bao always sulks on the day before school. Her grandparents don’t understand her and think she’s just a child.In today’s terms, it’s on your phone.Xiao Bao is alone at home and at school. No one wants to be near her.Later she put forward to grandma don’t want to go to school, who knew by the grandfather of a beating, they put hope on the young treasure, hope she can stand out.Also this beating, xiao Bao never put forward the idea of not going to school, the smile on her face is less and less, unwilling to talk to people, there are always footprints on her clothes, but her grandparents did not care about it.One Spring Festival, Xiao Bao’s father came back and bought him a suit of clothes. Xiao Bao hugged her father and finally cried, which was the father’s love that she missed day and night and her sense of security.Father to stay for a couple of days to rush away, small treasure to keep father or follow father together go out to work, she was far afraid tired, tightly holding the father package is not willing to let go, father’s weather-beaten face, if he ever wanted to exile, he needs to take care of the parents in the home as well as a young child, while have to earn more money,Later for xiao Bao to study.Even if she had not been admitted to college, she would have found a good husband in the future. The only thing that xiao Bao was thankful for was that her father did not find her husband directly.Xiao Bao looked at his father, Shouting loudly, “If you are not there, someone will bully me.” His father did not even return to his head, but his grandparents replied, “It takes two to clap, how can people bully you not bully others, you should learn to be sensible.When xiao Bao was in high school, his grandfather died of heart disease, and his father also chose to go back to his hometown to work, but xiao Bao did not feel the warmth of his father, who are affectionate.Also in that year, my father married a second marriage women, soon small treasure have a younger brother, grandmother every day put in the arms of his younger brother, introduce to the neighbors, looking at them, three happy xiao bao feel oneself is a stranger, neither too hot nor too cold to her stepmother, father thought that she too rebellious, grandma is busy painful grandson.On a rainy day, Xiao Bao’s father received a call from the hospital. Xiao Bao went to a hotel with the tuition fee and chose to commit suicide by cutting his wrists. He painted his mother in his mind, his loving father in his memory and herself on the wall.When the staff found that they had missed the best rescue time, Xiao Bao’s father held her cold crying.No one knows how small treasure is to stand over, has been in the classmate bully, in the grandpa grandma do not understand, she was locked in the toilet by the classmate, was abandoned by the teacher in charge, every time to the father of the field is also to report good news does not report bad news, get only father let her learn to understand the entrust.Maybe xiao Bao really learned to be sensible and left after his father had a new family, because there was no place for her in that family, and even her name was like a brand to stimulate her.After xiao Bao passed away, life was still going on normally. The classmates thought that a “smelly mouse” and “a merry toy” had disappeared, and the teacher thought that he had lost a “drag”, while the father had a wife and children, and his life was on the right track without going out. It was a perfect result.Many years later, no one remembers xiao Bao’s existence, everyone lives a selfish life, and bad style contributed to her short and sad life. In today’s society, left-behind children and school bullying are still happening every day, and how many xiao Bao are waiting for rescue in the corner, wish they can see the moon.