Tibet’s most “open” self-drive line of the East Tibet Ring road, the latest details of the whole network

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Write | Tibet before the “open” CangDong drive circuitry, brings together the most important humanities and natural tourism resources of Tibet, from sapp mountain to mysterious damm temple skeleton wall, from the three color the lake to the grandeur of the grand canyon.The Eastern Tibet Ring Road has always been the most “open” self-driving line in Tibet. No matter it is the Sichuan-Tibet North-south line, shannan Ring Road and Ali Ring Road, there are the most basic and traditional lines, but the eastern Tibet Ring Road has its own way of going, and the flexibility is very high.Starting from Lhasa, through Nagqu, such as, Bioba, Luolong, Batsuk, Bomi, Nyingchi, and finally back to Lhasa, the recommended length of 10 days and 9 nights, most of the road is paved, the road condition is good, a car can be done.Day1 plateau to creat | highest highway on the first day from Lhasa to naqu that pull the highway opened last year as the world’s highest highway from Lhasa to naqu now just 4 hours but there is more than 4500 meters above sea level to avoid strenuous activities so as not to affect the following trip us Day2 | hidden in the most mysterious celestial burial platform from the next dayUnder normal circumstances, the heavenly burial platform is not allowed to visit, Damu Temple is one of the few Tibetan allowed visitors to visit the heavenly burial platform.Why the skull remains here is still a mystery.Admission to the Skull wall is 40 yuan per person. If the door is locked, just call the number on the sign at the entrance.Pay attention to respect local customs, such as not stepping on the sky burial platform, entering through the living gate in the west, and not taking photos with skeletons.Day3 harvest beauty | difficult sapp pure land on earth only dream into the mountain snow area plateau Tibet sapp sapp mountain is one of the highlight of a visit the most beautiful scenery in the human always hardest to reach places, this sentence the sapp mountain of just right, and the heat is most nearly two years the fastest rising attractions, sapp mountain bad into the mountain as well as her beauty is notoriously.Is actually not so exaggerated, the most difficult a way only sapp nearest more than 10 kilometers, is by the sander temple to wood cuo north shore, are based on the pavement macadam, intermediate several ice and wading pavement, four-wheel-drive SUV can pass under the condition of the good weather, it is best to hardcore raider buggies or pick-up trucks, special roads bear in mind that after checking again.Day4 beautiful | sacred lake castle and enjoy private ice edge dam with the colorful landscape sacred lake castle and glacial lake every as impressed you three colors are three plateau lakes, the sun appears black, white, yellow;The Dazong site, an important office of the former Tibetan government in the Bianba area, stands on a hilltop between black and Yellow lakes.Continue to open more than 10 kilometers from the tricolor lake, at the end of the road is the Sangla glacier, because it is undeveloped attractions, free of charge, a not careful became your private attractions.Day5 surprises on the road | modelling unique “three sisters back water” the most beautiful scenery in the road edge dam to long although there is no bright eye of scenic spots along the way are beautiful scenery of the “three sisters back water” distinctive modelling, from any point of view is like a girl of three back water, there is another theory is that like a finger pointing.Legend has it that there is a lake on the top of the mountain, but it has never been proved.After arriving in Luolong, you can choose to merge into National Highway 317 northward and return to Lhasa along the Northern Sichuan-Tibet Line according to your own situation, or choose to go down National Highway 318 southward and return along the Southern Sichuan-Tibet Line.Day6, 7 to return to the main road | China the most beautiful landscape avenue, even when you are in China is the most beautiful landscape avenue through many times still could not enjoy all the scenery along the way from los lung to nanhui in sichuan-tibet after pressing, to BaSu, bome direction, along the way will be after dagring grasslands, nu 72 turn, however lake, finally arrived in the ancient glacier, can according to oneself circumstance to stay.Laigu Glacier is located in Laigu Village, Ranwu Town, Batu County. It is just along the Ranwu Lake. Laigu Glacier is one of the most famous and largest glaciers in Tibet.Day8 Tibet jiangnan | spring back to Tibet Brahmaputra waters canyon tourist nyingchi has been by far the most comfortable in the “south Tibet” never disappoint from bome to Brahmaputra waters canyon, here is the largest and deepest canyon in the world, is the world’s water resources the most enrichment area, abundant water vapor has created unique scenery here.The yarlung Zangbo river and Niyang River meet here, forming a vast delta wetland, where towering snow mountains and winding rivers form a picturesque landscape and epic magnificence.Day9 SuoSong watching peak | and the best reward “shame female peak” position of China’s most beautiful mountains of south geba tile is will clock in nyingchi tourist scenic spot and Mr. Matsumura is her best match Mr. Matsumura is located in the Brahmaputra grand canyon scenic spot, because located halfway up the hill, facing the namjagbarwa, feet and the yarlung zangbo river, so here is a great place to catch sight of namjagbarwa.Due to the perennial clouds and fog, nanjagbarwa peak less exposed, even in her close proximity to the sosong village, can see the full picture of Nanjbarwa can only rely on luck, the probability of sunny weather in winter.Day10 welfare home | bubble world the first hot springs with the local people to Tibet if not bubble hot spring is not felt a real Tibet if you want to choose hot spring, I can only choose DE para para hot springs in the past two years gradually fire up on the Internet, more than fame yambajan, has thousands of years history of secondary springs although slightly small, but it is a favorite of the locals.The water temperature of Dezhong Hot Spring is kept at around 40 degrees all year round. It is known as the “world’s first hot spring” and contains a variety of minerals beneficial to human body.Legend has it that when the water is warm, a medicinal snake emerges from the stone wall next to it.