The oddity of education, the inevitable embarrassment of “over-socialization”

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Each child in their own age, the initiative to adapt to the society, learning society, and then show a certain mentality, thought, behavior, knowledge and skills, this is “socialization”, that is, “age = social way”!Socialization is not a derogatory term, as children gradually grow up, socialization is the general trend, no one can stop it, if we try to interfere, it may backfire.It is the result of human and social interaction.However, socialization of children is not the same as premature adult.The goal of children’s growth or the task of education is to get language, thinking, emotion and other abilities and initial behavior through the interaction between children and society, so that they gradually understand the society, master the ability to survive, and then gradually socialized process.In today’s society, there is a bad tendency for oversocialized children to be accepted and favored.Children who talk old are called “smart”;Children who are indoctrinated with more knowledge are given the title “hard work”;Children who fall in love with young people are called “precocious”;Children who are sophisticated are given the title of “sensible”……The child socialization process is not the faster the better, early adult for children is to pull up the seedlings and encourage, is harmful and useless.Many parents worry about children in contact with people they suffer, so will take a lot of adult social interaction in the hidden rule, teach children the rules more enemies we make one side of human nature, for the social cognition deficiency, lack of social experience for the children of social cognitive distortions, form a correct world outlook, and appropriate for children in the future of social mood is bad,It is detrimental to the progress and transformation of society in the future.Students too early adult like a ripened “explosion melon”, external blockbuster can not replace the inherent puerility or even variation.The emergence of excessive socialization tendency of children is not only a problem of children themselves, nor is it formed overnight. There are complex and deep social reasons for this phenomenon. We analyze it from many aspects:First, the physical and mental development of children is characterized by objective conditions in the important growth period of life of children, in the process of gradually contacting the external world, full of curiosity, with very strong plasticity, imitation and crowd psychology, good limelight, love to show themselves, but their world outlook, outlook on life has not been fully formed.Some people compare their mind to a blank sheet of paper. The dots are round and the dots are square. There is no clear distinction between good and evil, beauty and ugliness in their mind.In addition, there are many only children in modern families, and the self-enclosed housing limits the communication of children in the neighborhood. What children see and hear are adult words and deeds, and what they learn is some adult knowledge, so the unnatural tendency of “precocious” is very obvious.Two, the social environment is the breeding soil for children’s growth. The ancients said, “Peng sheng ma, do not help straight”, “dyed in the green is green, dyed in the yellow is yellow”, which vividly illustrates the huge impact of the environment on people.Under the impact of the tide of commodity economy, people’s ideological consciousness, moral concept and value orientation have fission, and more and more people are developing towards utilitarian and materialistic direction.The distinction between right and wrong, beauty and ugliness, and good and evil is blurred. Money worship, hedonism and extreme individualism are on the rise. Practices such as ignoring interests and enriching one’s own interests at the expense of public interests occur from time to time.All of these have a highly corrosive and very bad demonstration effect on growing children.Someone once carried on a special “examination” to the students of a primary school, asking students to fill in the topic that parents talk about most and most enthusiastic in daily life, the result quite a part of the pupils give the answer, one is relationship, two is gift, three is money.No wonder the children in these families answered the question “what do you like most, what do you admire, what do you pursue?” without hiding, they said, “The most favorite is money;Most envy is to eat well dressed, can go through the back door;What I pursue is money and power.According to the survey, the comparison behavior in the primary school student group is mainly reflected in the following aspects: One is the material level.Such as: compare wearing, see whose clothes are famous brand;Two is better than school supplies, see who high-grade pencil box;Three is more than the family conditions, such as: than who’s house, decoration grade high, parents when the official big, money, good car, high-grade household supplies, etc.;Four is than appearance appearance, such as: than beautiful handsome, than dressed up;Five is than honor, than who in the class when the “officer” big, than who by the teacher like.Not only primary school students, schools are also doing these so-called surveys to give children obvious psychological hints, some primary and middle schools, after school, the first thing is “fill in the form”, fill in what?Fill in the occupation of parents, the home has a few suites, a few cars, a few nanny……From a certain point of view, it is not that there is no campus football, but that campus football competition is a transaction of money and power. The children of the rich do not want to play because they do not want their children to suffer.Poor kids can’t play football, can’t get into the professional ranks;Even at the level of professional clubs and the national team, those who have the ability can’t get in without money or connections. Those who don’t have the ability can get in without money or connections.Many people put forward the importance of youth training after the Chinese men’s football team lost to Vietnam. In my opinion, in fact, the men’s football team is rotten to the root and there is no remedy unless it is pushed back.Say a joke, is a discerning person, can see that Vietnam this is a match fixing, is a show!With the original “do” lipi, exactly the same.Women’s soccer doesn’t have a vested interest, doesn’t have such a big pie, capital and money haven’t completely corroded, so it still has a place at the Asian level.If you really “value” up, it is difficult not to follow the footsteps of men’s soccer, but if you have been “do not value”, will slowly wither.Sadly, sadly, this is the status quo.To change the excessive socialization of children, the most important thing is a big change in social environment!Third, the profound influence of the mass media is a catalyst Today’s children affected by the mass media in the process of growth is far higher than that of school and family, “crayon small new”, “sakura momoko”, “snoopy”, “the rascal rabbit”, “harry potter” idol “alternative” more and more get the children’s love is proof of that.Naughty crayon small new, lazy cherry maruko, “not so bad, so bad a little bit” rogue rabbit, love to show off the heroism of Snoopy…They are not the idols of wisdom and courage in Chinese cartoons, but they are loved by children.While mass media increase children’s communication with the outside world and increase their knowledge, its negative effects are becoming more and more obvious.For example, driven by commercial interests, many scenes either show the intrigues of the society, or “play in bed” plus violence. There are not many programs really suitable for children to watch.Viewed indiscriminately, these negative aspects of adult life are bound to have an immeasurable and pernicious effect on children.In recent years, with the change of social concepts, sexual concepts and information that had been closed for many years in the past have been widely disseminated with the development of mass media.Child is through the way such as newspapers, hotline, network access to this information, however, their physiological and psychological characteristics determine that they are only the surface or one-sided understanding of the content, and under the misleading, blind imitation medium behavior of the characters, keen to associate with the opposite sex, led to their own academic pursuit of waste and higher life give up, even on a path to sex crimes.Our foundation education, I have been think, scratching is a key, such as “personality education”, such as “life education”, “sex education”, for example, rather than a “smorgasbord”, “big pot”, what is used to rinse rinse, didn’t eat anything out taste, think of sports today, tomorrow, think of art, the day after tomorrow to increase the classical Chinese poems, then the traditional culture also want to add,Have the original language number outside the subject, more than 20 subjects, or in the beginning of the school choice intensified, junior high school diversion on the basis of, shout “double reduction”, do not know what to reduce?Reduce your loneliness!Nowadays, the social competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and the pressure of entering college and employment is widespread. The media’s commercial hype on some “Harvard girls” and “writing prodigies”, as well as the safety situation of children in danger and the intrusion of bad people cannot be ignored…”, all these promote the parents’ psychological “pull up the seedlings to encourage”, believe that it is better for children to be sensible early than late, more governors is better than fewer governors, so as to enhance children’s future social adaptability and competitiveness.Therefore, in daily life, some parents always like to take their children to the adult space to “see the world”, “exercise”, and even intentionally or unintentionally let the children learn some adult drinking, playing cards, smoking, lavish consumption habits, and think this is the future “interpersonal communication needs”.If a child is “shy” or “timid” in contact with strangers or strange situations, he or she will be dismissed as “worthless” and “never going to be great”, which undoubtedly takes the child one step further on the road of over-socialization.When oversocialization becomes inevitable, the fact that we share the adult world with children can only be described as awkward.The question is, when such children grow up, will they be able to carry out the important task of national rejuvenation?