Strengthen the judiciary for the people to promote the establishment of “two-oriented” organs

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“Two” type of qingyang city authorities create activities since the qingyang city judicial bureau insisted that basic satisfaction, enterprise satisfaction and public satisfaction as a target of the construction of “two type” authority work, closely related to the “seven” of municipal party committee, municipal government to determine the key task, detailed measures vigorously promotes the implementation, to advance 13 work, strong quality, style, efficiency, optimize the environment of doing business.Promote the overall combing bright brand service according to the accrual list directory service items, prepare the service guide, comprehensive public business scope, responsibilities, work process and personnel information, “table tablet stands” is put in the striking position, staff wearing all the “brand”, bright light business identity, light duty,, convenient to the masses, accept social supervision.To carry out the related certificates held “the standard law enforcement behavior, optimize the environment of business work advance will”, strengthen the supervision and management, the standard law enforcement behavior, strictly implement the related certificates and LiangZheng law enforcement system, resolutely prevent unlicensed law enforcement, and law enforcement, not LiangZheng scrap the law enforcement, law enforcement more than one certificate, resolutely put an end to arbitrary enforcement, selective law enforcement, law enforcement.Strengthen system construction and refine systems such as the “First Question Responsibility System” and the “Time Limit System” to specify the service time limit by department, by post, by link and by project. If laws, regulations and policies have clear provisions, the prescribed time limit shall be strictly implemented, and for urgent matters, the system of emergency handling and handling as needed shall be established.Innovative learning methods Actively promote the establishment of “learning-oriented” organs and five-star party branches, improve the learning system, rich learning content, innovative learning methods, the production of learning-oriented organs to create material clippings, reading salons and special lectures, create a learning atmosphere, improve the quality and efficiency of learning.Change work Style The suggestion box was set up to solicit opinions and suggestions from the people, and rectification of serious problems relating to the conduct of the Party, government, and business was the focus of the rectification of work style, so as to solve thoroughly the problems of low efficiency in the process of administrative review and approval and government services.Improve the effectiveness of the people Earnestly implement 10 practical matters of judicial administration for the people, give full play to the role of Gansu Province “12348” public legal service hotline in Qingyang branch center, further improve the satisfaction of the masses.We have carried out research activities to improve the business environment, conducted “rule of law check-ups” for enterprises, and helped them improve legal risk prevention and control systems.To help resolve the “difficulty in registration” problem, set up a legal service group to provide timely legal services for development enterprises, people who buy houses, and relevant departments, effectively resolve the contradictions and disputes arising from the “difficulty in registration” work, and effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the people.We will further expand the coverage of community-level education on the rule of law, carry out the “331” Working Law in an innovative way, highlight publicity of the Constitution and the Civil Code, continuously raise people’s awareness of the rule of law, and make publicity on the law more targeted and effective.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: