Spontaneous combustion!Changsha fire issued a warning!To patrol

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Changsha electric car burst into spontaneous combustion!Fire, smoke…Changsha fire issued a warning to citizens with such vehicles to check themselves!An electric car caught fire on national Highway 107 in Ansha Town of Changsha County at around 8 PM on February 14.Changsha County Ansha Fire rescue station received the alarm and quickly arrived at the scene to control the fire.No one was injured and the fire department is investigating the cause of the fire.When fire crews arrived at the scene, the vehicle was parked on the road, spouting flames.To prevent a second accident, fire quickly cordoned off the scene.After more than 20 minutes of intense fighting, firefighters worked together to put out the open fire, but there was still a lot of smoke under the vehicle.Fire personnel immediately disassemble the battery pack at the bottom of the vehicle to eliminate hidden dangers.After more than an hour of disposal, the fire was finally completely under control, fortunately the accident did not cause casualties, at present, the fire is investigating the cause of the fire.Why do electric vehicles and electric vehicles frequently appear fire?How to prevent new energy car owners?Reporters came to changsha fire rescue team of professional fire fighters to answer left left left – 02 – new energy vehicle market share climbed down fires occur battery electric vehicles are impact damaged easily pyrophoric electric bicycle charging overload normal spontaneous combustion risk prevention In our daily life, electric cars and electric cars, the situation of frequent fire.The reporter came to changsha city fire rescue detachment, through professional people to understand, electric vehicles and electric vehicles how to prevent, prevent the occurrence of fire to produce this kind of hidden danger.In our daily life, electric cars are basically equipped with power-off protection switches, and the possibility of spontaneous combustion is very small. Most of the fires are caused by the damage to the battery pack after impact.But in electric bicycles, flying wire charging, long time charging and other improper use of the phenomenon of spontaneous combustion occur.At present, Changsha fire has been united with the street community, strengthen the inspection and publicity about electric vehicles do not stop the corridor, do not enter the home, at the same time, appeal to the general public standard charging, do not bring security risks because of the plan.