Shaowu, Fujian province: “Shao-Guang Joint Control” centralized closed duty to build “power grid support” against COVID-19

2022-06-20 0 By

On March 27, 24 regulators from Shaowu Power Supply Company of State Grid and Guangze County Power Supply Company of State Grid were on centralized and closed duty to effectively respond to the recent COVID-19 emergencies, ensure epidemic prevention and control, maintain normal production order, and guarantee the safe and stable operation of the distribution network.”Outbreak is command”, deep understanding of shao-wu electric power supply company will be coronavirus pneumonia the importance, complexity and severity of the epidemic prevention and control work, attached great importance to the role as the core position to ensure the safety of power grid, the operation of established Shao Guang alignment center “virus prevention and control of the emergency working group”, according to the provincial company, nanping, the municipal government, the superior to inform and requirements,Assess and judge the spread and degree of the virus, put forward suggestions on the adjustment of the emergency stage, and implement the corresponding centralized closed duty mode.Regulation personnel also “give up the small home, take care of everyone”, obey the organization arrangement, stick to the post, carefully dispatch, take practical and effective measures to ensure the dispatching site, dispatching personnel absolute safety.Shaowu Power Supply Company canceled the original face to face shift transfer mode in the process of implementing the centralized closed duty mode of shaowu power supply Company, according to the requirements of provincial and municipal companies and the current situation that Shaowu power supply company is centralized on duty in Shaowu control center.Convert by alignment audio and video delivery system does not meet the succession, succession, stay personnel unified succession from scheduling the hall door to leave, and the regulation on duty after disinfection place and equipment, succession personnel should be temperature testing and necessary clean after disinfection, no fever, just can be unified stairs from the back door into the hall, in and out of the process of succession workers are strictly forbidden to contact and communication;Implement the “zero report” system of the controller’s health condition, and report the latest controller’s health condition to the ground dispatching station before 07:00 every day to ensure the safety of the control business;During off-duty period, the controller shall live in the dormitory of the company’s young workers, each shall arrange an independent room, and shall not visit each other or contact with the outside world.The personnel on duty of shao Guang joint adjustment shall be on duty in the control center of their respective companies, and the specialists shall be on duty 24 hours a day at the entrances and exits of the two places and register the temperature measurement.”It is a critical period in the epidemic prevention battle, and all the regulators of Shao Guang Joint Investigation team are facing more severe challenges. As a Communist party member, it is my bounden responsibility to serve you well.”Shao Guang alignment says Huang Chengbin, director of the center of the outbreak of the current, the mission in the shoulder, in a closed during on duty, he go all out to do a good job on duty scheduling logistics, as well as cycle is presented according to the dispatcher station, supervision and attendant temperature, wearing masks, and the regulation on duty places, hou class place and equipment disinfection, and comprehensive service to call,To the controller, with rob personnel, service scheduling class personnel to carry out special delivery, is the logistics support staff on duty.”Shao Guang alignment” regulation completely closed management Yi-ming gao taken “closed during on duty, regulate personnel will pay close attention to power grid operation mode, strengthening the city substation operation monitoring, contingency plans, to ensure normal power of epidemic prevention unit, notify the shipment inspection department, Marketing Department, direct power plant epidemic prevention and control during emergency on-duty operators plan formulation,Ensure the safety and reliability of personnel in key positions.”Shao-wu Lin Tianshun power supply company general manager, said to control the reserve force for the reserves on duty, ensure the outbreak response on the safe side, the company transferred out as control operation in recent years, comrade, reserve duty procession, the backup power dispatching management equipment to conduct a comprehensive inspection, to ensure that for the places can be enabled at any time, guarantee the jurisdiction power grid safe and smooth operation.# Approaching China ## Nanping ## Nanping Toutiao #