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Ji Zhou Gong 64 birthday article/Zhu Kaidao Jiu Zhou Gong today, Wanxu floating flowers memory.The bitter song of the snow roars, and the wind dances wildly across the river bow.Han Mei wen/fragrant Orchid (Hebei) Han Mei is full of blue water, covering the Yaotai under her cheeks.Lying snow hanging branches dance, the spring news.Incense floating around the embankment, curtain kai fog cloud.Proud millennium ode, wind and frost Yushu cut.You sing (Tong Yun) Party Yongfeng (Shaanxi) Chilly wind is greeting the twelfth lunar month, and snowflakes are dancing all over the sky.His heart is still in a foreign land, do not think a few days meet.Cao Wen/Jia Baiting (Hebei) Boundless wild music, wake up summer sleep winter everywhere day.But can stand yi day, withered rong ren from continuous.A feeling of reflection (Ancient Wind) By Zhang Jinduo The breeze strokes my face and makes my heart feel good, and ten thousand rays of morning light enter my body.Long practice into the set, still walk without pushing.Always enjoy a smile, every day taste fairy bone back.I hope this growth life, don’t worry when the road met poetry.Seven unique five (smooth water rhyme) article/Luo Xiaolian1, Major Cold and Major Cold solar term blue sky bright, the most cold frost wind solution.Busy twelfth month flavor heavy, a piece of spring welcome.Two, close winter sun warm as kyushu Bay, like an arrow time does not return.Sword out of scabbard in addition to poison epidemic, xinying tiger year.Three, the cold cold cold wind disorderly into the bosom, cloud low fog rolling haze.More Yin not rain strong cold, when winter sun bask in locust?Four, the painting xuemei a few plum proud soul, white jade powder reflects the universe.Time has light flower unbeaten, spring, summer, autumn, winter snow coexistence.Five, walking in the garden a few trees peach smile, spring breeze dyeing ingenuity.Leisure to walk in the garden, surprised fragrance.Peace in the Year of the Tiger (ancient style) Ma Wenjun (Yunnan) Fierce tigers roaring in the mountains, warm cattle lying in the shade of trees.Peace and prosperity are good, and riches and honour are worthy.Happy people enchanted, happy happy world sing.People’s livelihood is guaranteed, hard soil into gold.Coming out in the cold of winter, I am not a vulgar man.Dou xue Qiu zhi exhibition, ling Shuang Yu Rui open.Chance with the chance, bad situation by planting.With cold prevention, phase phase lian clean fetus.Family happy Event Duan Chunting (Hunan) will say goodbye in the New Year of the ox, good neighbors gather together and open the door.Five bottles of 200 which can be drunk, home auspicious symbol day after day.Note: “Happy Family event”, four pick up jiufang wine.Bird’s Nest fu (ancient style) Duan Chunting (Hunan) jungle branches hanging micro basket, raising girls habitat nest.If the rain and cold wind attack, how to protect to avoid disaster magic.The tiger tianwei Ma Wenjun (Yunnan) Tiger majestic beasts hover, god ox rule of Toureous Wanzhou square.East xi Gong xi nu, north guest no kua corporal business.Economy flying high development, support structure smooth navigation.Peaceful society heart joy, rich people’s livelihood enjoy well-off.