Radio and television reporters into the Intermediate People’s Court zero distance feel the majesty of the law

2022-06-20 0 By

This Taiwan news (Jiujiang Radio and Television all media reporter Guo Xiang) today (January 25) morning, Jiujiang Radio and Television small reporters into Jiujiang Intermediate People’s Court, zero distance understanding of the court’s workflow.In the litigation service center of the Intermediate People’s Court, the spacious and bright lobby is solemn and sacred.Under the guidance of the staff, the young journalists visited the juvenile Family Trial Court, reception hall, digital court and other places with great interest. Excited and excited young journalists raised their hands from time to time to ask questions, and the staff answered them patiently, satisfying the curiosity and thirst for knowledge of the students.In the course of visiting the court, the judge introduced the layout of the court in detail, the spiritual meaning of the robe and the emblem of the law and the use of the mallet, explained the knowledge of trial, public prosecution and defense, and the students competed to sit on the bench and experienced the feeling of being a small judge.Later, the judge explained the legal knowledge of juvenile protection and prevention of juvenile delinquency to the students with detailed and vivid cases and simple and understandable language, so that the students know how to use the law to protect themselves while obeying the law.Editor: Ye Xiaoyi; Editor: Liu Xinle; review: Fu Birong