Kechuang Board Evening News | January China’s power battery loading increased 86.9% year on year mingzhi Technology 2021 Q4 net profit increased more than two times

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“Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily” 16 days, today’s science and technology innovation Board evening news main content is: Xin Peng Micro 2021 net profit of 201 million yuan, more than the upper limit of the forecast range;Intel plans to open up both soft and hard core licenses for x86 architectures;Midea new energy auto parts strategic new base laid the foundation and started construction.According to the News of China Automotive Power Battery Industry Innovation Alliance, in January 2022, China’s power battery loading totaled 16.2GWh, up 86.9% year on year, down 38.3% month on month, achieving a significant year-on-year growth.The loading capacity of ternary battery and lithium iron phosphate battery was 7.3gwh and 8.9gwh, up 35.2% and 172.7% year-on-year, and down 34.0% and 41.0% month-on-month, respectively.Intel plans to open up soft and hard core licenses for x86, enabling customers to mix x86, Arm and RISC-V CPU IP cores in custom designed chips manufactured by Intel.”We have what we call a multi-ISA [Instruction set Architecture] strategy,” says Intel Foundry Customer Solutions engineering vice president.”This is the first time in Intel’s history that we are licensing x86 soft and hard cores to customers who want to develop chips.”By licensing x86 soft/hard cores, Intel is able to attract customers who want to build multiple ISA chips to Intel foundry services.Midea Industrial Technology anqing Weiling Auto Parts Co., LTD., a subsidiary of Midea Industrial Technology, signed a contract and laid the foundation for the new energy auto parts strategic new base in Anqing city, Anhui Province.It is understood that the total investment of the new energy auto parts strategic new base project is about 11 billion yuan, of which the fixed asset investment is about 6.5 billion yuan.The first phase of the project covers an area of 458 mu, which is located in Anqing Yuanmeng New District.The project mainly produces power steering motors, electric compressors for new energy vehicles, drive motors for new energy vehicles and other products, and establishes three system research and development centers and national laboratories for thermal management, main drive and auxiliary/intelligent driving.After the completion of the project, the annual production capacity will be 60 million sets, and the annual output value will be 40 billion yuan.TSMC will add 12/16nm technology to its Japanese joint venture plant to increase investment to $8.6 billion, the company said on its website on Tuesday.The increased processing will increase the plant’s capacity to 55,000 12-inch wafers a month from 45,000.Adding new processes and capacity means more investment in factories and more people.Capital expenditure at the joint venture plant is expected to be close to $8.6 billion and 1,700 high-tech jobs are expected to be created directly, TSMC said on its website.Depth: Ningde Times research summary reveals the key information: the new product M3P “chocolate” electricity aimed at this segment of the market……Ningde Times officially disclosed the latest research minutes, Chairman Zeng Yuqun responded positively to the “20 Questions” raw material pollution incident flash flash leader quickly issued a price increase letter: production line shutdown resulted in a significant increase in costs, the status of SpaceX and Amazon threatened?The European Union has announced plans to spend 6 billion euros to build a near-Earth satellite network.Plans to open x86 licensing to attract chip design companies looking for it OEM SoftBank F13 holdings exposure: T-Mobile America, Sophie Technology into the number one heavy position stocks hang Ke Technology:The actual controller Cao Ji suspected of short-term trading hangzhou Technology Announcement, the actual controller, chairman Cao Ji because of his spouse illegal trading of company stocks led to its suspected of short-term trading, the CSRC decided to put on file.Mingzhi Technology: in 2021, the company’s total operating revenue is 718 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17.25%;Net profit was 123 million yuan, up 4.64% year on year.According to this calculation, Q4 net profit 57.89 million yuan, a sequential growth of 231%.Xin Peng Wei: In 2021, the company achieved operating revenue of 753 million yuan, an increase of 75.44% compared with the same period last year;Net profit reached 201 million yuan, up 101.80% year on year.Xin Peng Micro previously announced that 2021 net profit is expected to be about 190 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 90.5%, the announcement of the actual value exceeds the upper limit of the forecast range.Q3 net profit of 58 million yuan, according to the calculation, Q4 net profit of 72 million yuan, a sequential growth of 24%.Long-term lithium: net profit of 700 million yuan in 2021, with a year-on-year growth of 538.17%.With the surge of power battery installations and the rapid growth of downstream customers’ demand for the company’s products, the company’s products are in short supply, and the production and sales have achieved a substantial increase year-on-year.At the same time, the production line runs at full capacity, the capacity utilization rate is significantly improved, and the cost is reduced and the profit is increased under large-scale production.Haier Bio: In 2021, the total operating revenue reached 2.126 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 51.63%;Net profit attributable to the owner of the parent company was 818 million yuan, up 114.81 percent year-on-year.As of press time, a total of 713 companies have been accepted for listing on the Science and Technology Innovation Board. Today, four companies have been updated: Ningbo Silicon Electronics, Yuneng Technology has inquired;Ling Yunguang, Yingnote municipal committee meeting passed.Digital isolator expert “Green micro” announced the completion of more than 100 million yuan A+ round of financing, this round of financing led by Tongchuang Weiye, Shenzhen Venture Capital and Technology Venture capital with investment.Yuan He Puhua has invested in the enterprise core technology two rounds of continuous financing of tens of millions of dollars general intelligent computing chip company core technology has completed angel round, angel + round of tens of millions of dollars of financing.It is reported that this round of funds will be used to accelerate technological product research and development and market expansion.The core technology was established in October 2021.Public information shows that the core technology is mainly committed to the development of universal intelligent computing system compatible with ARM instruction set, providing chip products and universal computing one-stop solution.New energy vehicle personalized consumer brand “Heruo Technology” completed tens of millions of yuan angel round financing “Heruo Technology” new energy vehicle personalized consumer brand “halo effect” in December completed tens of millions of yuan angel round financing, by The exclusive investment of Tiantu Capital, extreme value capital for the exclusive financial adviser of this round of financing.According to Zhang Shuai, founder of Heluo Technology, this round of financing will be used for product research and development, market development and team building this year.Industrial power supply IC manufacturers YuTai semiconductor complete strategic financing Investors including guangzhou, call YuTai industrial-grade general power supply IC manufacturers such as semiconductor co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the “YuTai semiconductor) complete the strategic financing, investors including ShengYu huatian industry funds, SK hynix, Volkswagen, gac, pass the sound, zyxel, wanda when, hin industry organization.Jingyu Medical, a high-tech medical device company, announced that it has successfully completed a D+ round of financing of RMB 300 million, co-led by Sequoia China and Hillhouse Ventures.This financing is another successful financing of Jingyu Medical after Yanchuang Capital led the D round of financing of over RMB 100 million in April 2020.China Renaissance Capital acted as exclusive financial advisor.Jing Yu Medical is an innovative high-tech medical device company, focusing on deep brain stimulation (” DBS “) treatment field, while conducting cutting-edge exploration of invasive brain computer interface for medical use.Automated driving trucks “lines” of science and technology announced complete B round company announced the “mainline” science and technology for automatic truck driving by baic of led, and zhengzhou international trust &investment advantages of capital and a new round of financing, at this point, the main technology formally completed B round, will continue to revolve around the truck digital, intelligent, unmanned to promote research and development, accelerate the ground.According to the official introduction, mainline technology will focus on promoting the mass production of self-driving trucks and the expansion of autonomous driving business of trunk logistics in 2022, and continue to open financing.Intelligent heating “AIoT+SaaS” platform “Warm Stream Technology” recently completed tens of millions of yuan A round of financing, led by Innovation Works, feifan Venture Capital and Shengjing Jiacheng joint investment.The financing funds will mainly be used to improve the product ecological chain and accelerate the expansion of the market.”Xintian Technology” has recently completed an angel round financing of tens of millions of yuan. This round of financing is exclusively invested by Jingwei Venture Capital. The financing funds will be mainly used for technology research and development and small batch trial production of products.According to official introduction, in the market B, SAN tin technology 5 g diagram and control box has been launch in December 2021, its function is in the case of 5 g network, can be widely applied to the uav, remote control, remote driving, a new generation of intelligent monitoring, XR, etc, realize remote control thousands of kilometers and hd video image two-way real-time transmission.Shanghai Juniper Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. announced that it has completed a strategic financing exclusively invested by Xiaopeng Automobile.This financing will continue to be used to expand the market, supplement r&d and operating funds, and continue to bring in talented people.The company was founded in 2017 in Lingang, Shanghai. It mainly develops silicon carbide power devices, drive and control chips and silicon carbide power modules.