Jiangsu Xinyu custom Xuancheng landscape lighting project design steps and construction matters needing attention

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If the landscape of the garden is a beautiful face, the light is undoubtedly bright eyes.Landscape lighting project is not only lighting, but also considered the main characteristics of the landscape, and combined with the technical means of lighting design, in the night to reshape the landscape form, the formation of a distinct sense of space, give visitors visual enjoyment.So, what are the design steps of landscape lighting engineering?What should be paid attention to during construction?The design steps of garden landscape lighting project: 1, analyze the relevant data 1, understand the cultural history of the city where the garden is;Investigate the lighting characteristics of similar landscape gardens around.2. Understand the design positioning of landscape designers.1. Analyze the surrounding environment and landscape characteristics of the garden, and summarize and improve the elements useful for landscape lighting design.2. Put forward the concept of landscape lighting design.1. Analyze the tourist route, and draw the main and secondary relationship between the visual focus of tourists and the landscape nodes on the tourist route according to the tourist route.2. Analyze the function of landscape nodes, and infer the design style of each node in the park and the brightness that must be achieved when realizing landscape lighting.3. Main scene analysis: according to the path analysis of the garden and the functional analysis of the landscape node, several main viewpoints in the garden are improved to form a large visual scene.In the process of deepening the design, the landscape lighting design of each scene must strictly follow the overall design concept.Guided by the above landscape lighting analysis, the design should be based on the primary and secondary landscape nodes, the intensity of landscape lighting and the order of observation.Garden landscape lighting project construction should pay attention to matters: 1, in the process of garden landscape lighting project construction, try to avoid causing noise, and do not disturb the daily life of the surrounding residents.Also, avoid light pollution.2, strengthen management, timely repair some damage.Standardize management, use scientific methods to manage, and use limited resources to make better landscape lighting.Jiangsu xin yu high-tech landscape metal products factory has been in line with the aim of honest and trustworthy, win-win cooperation, and according to the order requirement, faithfully, to finish the task within the city circle to safety in good condition to send the goods to the customer site, outside the city circle and around Shanghai city according to the customer request vehicles for transporting or help customers check it.