Efficiency +8!No wonder Gordon attracted attention from many teams, by the Rockets strength drag, more valuable

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On February 2, Beijing time, today is exactly nine days before the NBA trade deadline on February 11.9 days this time say long is not long, say short is not short, some want to reinforcing the team will certainly in the 9 days action, such as the lakers too need some adjustment on the squad, even the strongest western conference team to the phoenix SUNS, they also want to continue to fill the roster, in addition to use temporary contracts signed striker Justin – Jackson,The SUNS are also looking at Houston’s Michael Gordon.Gordon, 33, has been in excellent form this season, even with his attendance at the top.Unlike the last two seasons when he was out for extended periods, Gordon has rarely been injured this season, except in back-to-back games, and he has been the rockets’ primary small forward.The us media also provided a set of statistics on the net efficiency of several NBA players who are at the center of trade rumors.Houston swingman Gordon doesn’t stand out in this group, with a +8 rating when he’s on the floor, led by Portland trail Blazers European center Jusuf Nurkic at +9.2 and guard Marcus Smart at +8.3.Houston veteran power forward Harrell is at +8.1, Kings forward Harrison Barnes is at -7, and Cavs guard Sexton is at the bottom of the league with a -12 rating, though he’s played just 11 games this season because of injuries.The hard power of the Houston Rockets, who are clearly at the bottom of the Western Conference compared to the Cavaliers and Wizards, has slowed Gordon’s numbers.If Gordon were on a strong team, his efficiency would be even higher.Gordon’s +8 rating on one of the worst defensive teams in the league speaks to how good he’s been this season.Despite the Rockets’ poor record, Gordon had a season comparable to his 2017-18 form.The problem is, the better Gordon is, the less useful it is for the Rockets, who are not focused on winning, and losing the no. 1 pick is the rockets’ first plan this season.It was a shame to waste Gordon’s efforts.So instead of holding Gordon up for nothing, the Rockets would be better off shipping him out in nine days to not only get at least one first-round pick, but also get Gordon to compete for an NBA championship elsewhere, just as they did with power forward PJ Tucker last season.The Rockets trade Gordon, is also widely expected.The Rockets are expected to make a move on the trade market any time the deadline approaches, and Eric Gordon is the rockets’ most sought-after asset.Gordon’s stellar performance on the league’s worst rockets team is all the more valuable — which is probably why so many teams (SUNS, Cavs, Lakers) are paying attention to him.