To improve the salary of teachers and reduce the “gap between the rich and the poor”, we can start from reducing the wage gap of professional titles

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Improve teachers’ salary, reduce “wealth gap”, but from the narrow title post wage differential is well known, a teacher by title wages, the influence of the pay gap is great, even if it is a teacher are reluctant to talk about the topic, but also have to mention, the FIG leaf unravel after more is the teacher’s helpless, also is in recent years and related department to pay special attention to education,Only by adjusting the salaries of civil servants in parallel with the linkage mechanism for teachers can the overall low salaries of teachers be alleviated a little.According to relevant experts, in addition to the regional gap between teachers’ salaries to improve, in fact, most should change the title post salary brings the huge difference, after all titles as an incentive teacher an important indicator of hard work, not only not incentives, instead let teachers more distress, more the key contradiction is feel according to seniority promotion why to pay civil servants to stay,Teachers can’t?!This and “pedagogic law” medium teacher salary pay is not bottom at the standard photograph of officeholder violate!Therefore, in order to make the professional title return to its original role of motivation and promotion, some teachers pointed out that they would rather cancel the professional title or link the professional title with salary. Of course, it is impossible to achieve this at present. After all, there is no more perfect plan to replace it, and outright cancellation will also cause bigger problems.What specific do to reduce this kind of contradiction, some can through the way of improving teachers’ salary wage standard, after all, the teacher’s biggest aim is to raise, improve overall wages, or through the teaching experience of promotion way to get the teacher’s thumb up, in this way to narrow down the title to the injury of the post salary, some netizens explanation, actually back ten thousand steps,This also is not to say the salary with high professional title must not tall, but cannot pull too big gap, for instance the language of a class you, primary professional title also is the language of a class, workload is quite.For example, advanced 6000, junior 5500, you can’t make junior 2500, too ridiculous, do you agree?