Ma yili showed up at the airport with her daughter, who is as slim as her mother, and they couldn’t tell their age

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There are many good mothers in the entertainment industry, taking care of their children is a very hard thing, especially for these celebrity mothers in the entertainment industry. Many actresses live with their children after divorce, and usually work very busy, but also take care of their children.In fact, many stars’ education concept is very good, even in the busy work, but also did not ignore the education of children.Ma Yili is one of them. After her divorce from Wen Zhang, Ma has been raising their children alone. Wen sometimes takes care of them, but they stay with their mother most of the time.Ma Yili is an excellent actress herself, so our children grow up very well under her education.Recently had the media photographed, forging and children travel together photos, mother and daughter came together at the airport, and compared with mother’s love horses up before has grown a lot, become graceful, two parcels are very strict, go together just like don’t see the age of two people, looks like a sister, don’t like mother and daughter.Maybe because of the dance practice, Ai Ma has changed a lot in recent years. She also grows fast and has a very slim figure. Her excellent figure ratio is just like her mother’s.Looking back a few years ago, when Iima participated in the dance competition, she was still like a child, but now she is acting more and more mature.It can be seen that this has something to do with the cultivation of Ma Yili. After all, as a mother, she has the greatest influence on her children.In addition, Ma Yili has set a good example. Even though she divorced Wen, she did not affect her children. After the divorce, she will cheer for her daughter with Wen and let Wen participate in her daughter’s daily life.Although it was Zhang who made a mistake, it was a very good decision for Ma not to bring down the couple’s problems to their children. It is because of this pattern that Ma yili’s career is getting better and better.Since her divorce from Wen zhang, Ma has started a new stage in her life and her career has improved rapidly.She also showed her charm as a mature actress.As a matter of fact, Ma Yili’s acting ability was quite good before, but it was only because of the article that her ability was covered up. Now Ma Yili has overcome this difficulty and put all her energy into her career and children.In view of the current article, the works that can be taken are still the previous several TV series and movies, and the career has not picked up in the past few years, coupled with the fact that he has been rumored to play big brands many times before, which makes his popularity on the road even worse.The article must have reflected a lot over the years. In fact, he is very concerned about horses and his young daughter. He is often photographed picking up and dropping off his children.As a matter of fact, both Wen Zhang and Ma Yili attach great importance to their children. That’s why people love horses. They have very high requirements for them.Of course, this is also the hope of many ordinary parents.Now that children are growing up day by day, there are also many places for parents to worry about. Look at the article and Ma Yili often take their children with them, which must be a plan for their children’s future. For the future, ma love should also have their own plans.