How will it affect us if we need to prove the source and whereabouts of funds for deposits and withdrawals of more than 50,000 yuan?

2022-06-19 0 By

Recent news on the hot search, widely attention, the central bank recently, silver ia and the CSRC have sent a new file, which requires the deposit of 50000 yuan of above, even if the foreign currency equivalent of more than $10000 cash deposits can’t literally of to deal with, in additions to verify the customer information, and register the source of the funds and use.The new rules, which took effect on March 1 this year, have come as a bolt from the blue for those who have no idea where their money came from.You’re going to be in a situation where if you have $50,000 and you can’t tell where it came from or what it was used for, it might be illegal.Some netizens said, I gave a false statement to explain the source of funds, but you should know that now is the era of big data, you should provide a pair of information, if you can not provide the source of information, it will be a big trouble waiting for you.First of all, you can rest assured that if you can find out where you got the money and where you spent it.You can take a million at a time without a problem.It can be seen that the introduction of this measure will expose the illegal gains of those black income.We are all familiar with the term “black money laundering”, which means turning illegal income into legitimate income through some complicated means, such as bank transfer, securities trading and cross-border fund transfer, to cover up the true source of funds.In addition, the endless telecom fraud has always been a cancer in our society, which makes us feel deeply disgusted.Through the regulatory measures, to curb telecommunications fraud from the source, because criminals through fraud means to get ill-gotten gains, also dare not arbitrarily split transfer, holding a lot of money dare not spend a great curb network crime, guilty conscience is not afraid of ghost knocking.Watch the video before you, therefore, there is no need to worry about the document, those criminals is at stake, at this time also remind you that don’t put your bank card easily lend, more can’t easily discard their bank CARDS, one thousand you bank card back to use, then you can through a series of certificate has nothing to do with yourself,But participating in a series of investigations can be a hassle for you.Accordingly, if bank card did not want, had better go to the bank to cancel this level actively, come to an end here.If I said something inappropriate, you are welcome to criticize and correct, and we will see you next time.