After the festival will also pull lure more, this month in the middle of the downward variable plate

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In the past trading week, the Shanghai stock index appeared first suppression and then raised in the weekly chart closed positive K line trend, purely from the technical index analysis, because the 233 week average (3161 points) was an upward trend, the fall of the stock index formed a top support.The MACD index line on the 120-minute chart of Shanghai Stock Market does not run below the 0 axis from the current arc bottom shape to the arc top, indicating that the rebound energy accumulated by the arc bottom shape has not been consumed.The 133-week average (3290) and 120-week average (3327) showed an upward trend respectively, providing traction for the index that closed lower.Therefore, it is believed that after the Tomb-sweeping Day, the market stock index will impact and break through the pre-holiday rebound high (3287.23 points), the index will at least 133 weekly average (3290 points) is effectively broken to confirm the withdrawal, and have the desire to fill on March 14 morning low opening gap (3309.75 points).The 5-week average (3300 points) and 8-week average (3363 points) of Shanghai stock market moved down respectively, and the resistance of downward movement will restrain the momentum of the stock index to rise again.The MACD index line on the weekly chart and THE KDJ index line do not form a golden fork resonance state, indicating that the corresponding level of the rebound is difficult to appear a sustained unilateral rise for the time being.As a result, the index rebounded between the 5-week average (3,300) and the 8-week average (3,363), and then there will be a correction.Based on the above analysis of technical indicators, it is concluded that:Tomb-sweeping day after the Shanghai market index will be 4 weeks average (3263 points) run down fall off the reaction force, stock index will be valid for 4 weeks average whether to draw back to confirm, then upward rebound impact 5 weeks average (3300 points), and then, by 5 weeks average higher reaction force of traction appear blunt down down.There will be the first suppression after Yang fell again concussion trend.Based on the above analysis, suggested operation strategy after qingming Festival is: 1, in the next week, if the Shanghai stock index did not step back to the 4-week average (3263 points) on the direct upward rebound, the index hit the 5-week average after pulling up again the greater the extent of the short-term high throw.2. In the next week, if the Shanghai Stock Index does not break 3287.23 points, it will directly fall back to adjust, and the greater the downward adjustment, the more it will fill positions on the dips.3. The red bar of MACD index on the quarterly chart of Shanghai Stock Market gradually shortened and the dead cross of KDJ index line diverged downward, indicating that the risk of corresponding level correction has not been completely lifted.13 quarter line (3241 points) upward movement of the Angle is not steep, the index of the top support strength weakened;The 21-month average (3,162 points) turned downward from the upward movement, exerting a downward reaction on the upper stock index.As a result, there will be no big gains in the index in the second quarter, will remain a volatile trend, and will break the March 28 low (3159.83 points) double dip.Therefore, in early April large-cap stocks pointed up the greater the extent of the rebound to seize the opportunity to meet the high reduction, and then, such as the second time to explore the bottom to meet the low positions.A share market has historically been lower than the bottom of the policy, this point is beyond doubt.When the market stock index broke the bottom of the policy will be bold to meet the dips.(remind everyone: personal point of view, for your reference only, do not regard as the absolute basis of the stock in the hand, the stock market disk changes unpredictable, everyone in the actual operation of the time, according to the disk changes random strain.Profit or loss, have nothing to do with me.