Zhao Liying and Wang Junkai?Ma Sichun zhang Zifeng to cooperate?Is Liu Haocun the same style as Jing Sweet?

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1. Ma Sichun and Zhang Zifeng cooperate?Not necessarily. Cooperation depends not on the will of one party, but on the will of both parties.Two floret hand contacted cooperation invitation, just Ma Sichun is bent on falling in love, her dedication to work dropped a lot, to this invitation is indifferent state.Ma Sichun’s new play was on the air during this period, and she didn’t promote it much.The crew was pretty pissed off, but her team was sincere.Zhang zifeng is not limited to TV or movies, she will quietly fight for what she likes and wants.Zhang is very close to Huang lei, who often takes her to dinner parties and meets some famous producers.Ma Sichun and Zhang Zifeng the possibility of their current cooperation is not high, such as when the pony has the ambition to work, it is estimated that cooperation is not far away.Pony is now single-minded in their own “home”, not hesitate to hand over good resources.Just looking for Ma Sichun’s film book, were robbed several times.Is Liu Haocun the same style as Jing Tian?Because of the release of “Four Seas”, Liu Haocun’s attention has come up again.Wang Hailin came out to praise her performance in the film is particularly good, said that she is very touching, youth films need this kind of pure and pure type, now the domestic market is short of such actresses.The comment was immediately taken down, mainly because many netizens did not agree with his statement.In addition, Wang Hailin’s remarks before many times caused controversy, so some people ridicule his words can not be believed.Then there are “Liu Haocun resources” such hot search out, although those did not start the play is not necessarily the end of her play, but has started the play, Zhang Yimou, Jackie Chan…Indeed is not like a new person can contact the resources, so no matter the back is not true, now some of these have enough to let the net friend ridicule.Also see the net friends and she and King sweet do contrast, take the original King sweet, although resources also because very good bad film caused a gust of disgust, but at least not liu Haocun mother home those things, so behind a grounded king Sweet show their real side, the effect is better.But apparently Liu Haocun is going to continue to walk this line, will not be in order to reverse the word of mouth road popularity and to do some down-to-earth action.Because it has been like this, it is better to continue to maintain their own tonality, and then to earth will not change anything.3. Zhao Liying and Wang Junkai?Now is quite familiar, chun-kai wang to and praise and have had cooperation before, they were briefly worked, worked up, but has always been nothing intersection, relationship gradually familiar, because this year working together in the Spring Festival gala, through several rehearsal, everyone is familiar with a lot of private, li-ying zhao for the younger brother is appreciate and care.So today, “Zhao Liying evaluation of Wang Junkai’s painting of Ultraman” this hot topic, although the platform is to drainage the initiative to send, but both teams do not resist binding.Because li-ying zhao and chun-kai wang siblings file very harmonious, started on their journey after the Spring Festival gala has the management, to set about their co-operation in the film and television, but should be hard to pick the right script, because li-ying zhao focus now or on TV (transformation), chun-kai wang more inclined to film industry development, all direction is different,It is not easy to meet nature, and neither of them is suitable for each other.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to baifen star entertainment, Yu More MCN