The national foot war Vietnam luo Guofu starts to win the ball is also mysterious

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National football team against Vietnam luo Guofu first win the ball is also mysterious Vietnam team coach: did not see the weakness of the National football team was defeated?According to and, The National football Team will start the match against Vietnam.Luo Guofu although the league play time is not much, in the qualifiers a lot of time substitute, but his passion and morale, as well as the technology is indispensable, played the national football team of blood, with his presence, the Chinese team can master the initiative.Buffalo is still buffalo, although once mixed with the First division, but can see his desire to win, as well as a player’s professionalism, sense of honor and desire to win.If Luo Guofu starts, will China win?I think the strength of The national football team is better than Vietnam, but the last game was also stolen by Vietnam two goals, Vietnam’s attack, counter-attack or more sharp, if not for wu Lei’s excellent play, the national football team might be forced to draw.National defence, midfield problems before, and have a xuxin, junmin hao midfield problem, may be solved, now looks more solid defence, but I think it’s empty, because look at the team’s competition, how is iffy, but as a fan, I still hope to win, if lost to Vietnam, I’m afraid the people cannot accept, fans also can’t accept it.Li Tie fought Vietnam, the scene was almost one-sided, not careless, maybe 2-0, 3-0 to solve the battle.The midfield of the National football team should strengthen the barrier, the centre back of the defence should focus on attention, and the left and right backs should also pay attention to the return of the assist and the penetration.Vietnam coach said the Chinese team is very strong, did not see what weakness, this is relative to Vietnam.Guess it was knocked out, because the Vietnamese team did not win a game, confidence has fallen to the bottom, has been doomed to not qualify.In the first leg, China led cleanly by two goals before 60 minutes. Vietnam had to play for time and even cheat, and the goalkeeper went down.Interfered with the rhythm of the game, affected the mood of the players, resulting in the equaliser, but finally was absolutely flat, may be the Vietnamese team completely desperate, feel that the Chinese team kicked, not as good as the people.In terms of the strength of cards and paper, the National football team does not have any weakness. The front court is naturalized, the back defense is naturalized, and the Asian Champions League also has good results in foreign matches. But why does the World Cup qualifier always fail to play well?Including Akessen, did he perform as well as the club?The club is always playing football together, the technique and tactics, with more mature.The training of the National football team is temporary, and the income of playing for the national team is not high. The turmoil of domestic clubs in the past two years, coupled with the epidemic, and the abnormal league, may also affect the performance of the National football team.In addition, three managers in two years, tactics, style of play, personnel are not stable.Some media and players yelled at Li Tie, thinking that li Tie should be replaced. The result was 2-0 defeat to Japan, and he still had no temper. Therefore, the problem of National football team is not Li Tie’s problem, lippi led the team before even worse than Li Tie.Otherwise, how did the Football Association make up its mind to change the local coach? After spending so much money, it still didn’t appear. Even the top ten matches have improved, li Tie at least entered the top 12 matches, won Vietnam, drew with Australia, and Saudi Arabia and Oman have the hope of scoring or even winning.The fans still expect too much from The National football team. The overall strength and level of the National football team is the second best in Asia. There are no weak teams in the final twelve matches, and it is normal to lose, win or draw.For the National football team, or should have a normal heart, even if lost to Vietnam, Vietnam tie, there is no need to call the coach dismissed, a coach needs one or two years to lead the team, familiar with, carry out their intentions.In fact, there is no need to change Li Tie. If li Tie is replaced, the result may still be the same. Li Xiaopeng is not better than Li Tie in coaching, nor can he make the Chinese team make a substantial leap forward in a short period of time.The manager can only say to improve the level and ability of the players by 20%, but they are still the same people. There are only so many registered players, and there are many abnormal clubs. The players have not even solved the problems of who will get the salary after the New Year and where to play football.Still do well league, youth training, send more players to play abroad, the overall strength of the players, technical and tactical level is high, football will have hope, the famous coach, lippi, Hiddink, this is not famous enough, even Benitez, Dalian team he also can not play!Keeping green forever (1368 words) | kundera media culture studios Yo to choke the other: some pictures for the simulation of imagination, do not represent words mean.