Kufuor understands that manet’s style of play suits Nadal and kahn has a chance to contact Cristiano ronaldo

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Former Ghana star John Kufuor has been speaking to Bundesliga media about the prospect of Jermaine juler joining Borussia Dortmund.Kufuor said: “I understand jele’s thinking. The thing he has to consider is the club’s environment. Jele doesn’t want to leave the Bundesliga.Kufuor understands that the German centre-back has no problem choosing the nerazzurri because of his future, but he believes the fans see things in a different way than some think he has a soft spot for Bayern.Kufuor commented on manet’s performance at the Africa Cup of Nations, where he was named MVP, saying that manet’s style of play suited Nadal and that it would be nice if manet came to allianz Arena in the future.Manet is a very practical player, and kufuor feels that manet is more practical than sane or Gnaburi in a wide position.With lewandowski failing to sign a new contract, kufuor expects kahn and salley to work out a plan to rebuild the team soon.Manet is not a big center, but his ability to push and connect is something that nachermo’s system needs, and his style of play suits Nagelsman.As an African star, Kufuor feels bayern Munich are very tolerant, and if Kahn can bring in the type of African player manet, the southern stars could regain the market for African football.Kufuor made a bold suggestion that Kahn should be given the chance to contact Cristiano Ronaldo over lewan’s successor.”Cristiano came to old Trafford this season, but in reality his Manchester United career is once again on the clock because the club is no longer a match for cristiano,” said Kufuor.Kufuor believes cristiano Ronaldo and Jorge Mendes are shrewd men who will enter the market when they do not fit in with the Red Devils.Although from a public perspective it is hard to imagine Ronaldo joining one of the bundesliga’s top clubs, Kufuor hopes kahn will “touch base” with the Portuguese star and his agent, and perhaps bayern Munich will also make a move for ronaldo.Purely from the point of view of lewandowski’s successor, Kufuor feels kahn would be a good choice for Cristiano ronaldo, as at least the Portuguese veteran has experience and is suitable for a transitional role.Bundesliga media reports that lewan has failed to sign a new contract, according to Kufuor, whether this is true or not, bayern Munich is more of a shock.I have come to believe that lewan has been the club’s number one player in terms of sheer impact over the years, regardless of neuer and Muller being homegrown players.If the Polish striker leaves, kahn will have to step up his efforts in terms of the proportion and extent of his stars.So Kufuor thinks kahn has a chance to contact Ronaldo.Some fans will argue that Germany’s odds against Portugal are too high and that Portuguese superstars are unlikely to come to the Bundesliga.However, according to Kufuor, Ronaldo is a challenge and Kahn is a responsible club operator, and the two could theoretically work together.Juler’s choice of Dott is a bit of a surprise, as kufuor believes there is no problem with the German centre-back from a personal point of view. Juler does not like the unfamiliar language and he wants the team to be tolerant of his injuries, something that only a Bundesliga club can do.The nerazzurri are second only to Bayern in German football and Kufuor wants people to understand that.Hudler’s idea is simple, and the fans need not be too complicated.After the ball, the author felt that the transfer of this pile in addition to some “sorry old club”, the next are beneficial to their own development.So Kufuor understood what Huddled was thinking.As Liverpool’s star player, many believe manet is unlikely to leave Anfield, and the commercial value of the Premier League is so high that there is no need for him to change clubs at his prime age.However, Kufuor believes manet has a chance of leaving Nuffield in the coming seasons.When Salah and Mane hit mid-season fatigue last season, the premier League press suggested klopp might have had dressing-room troubles and mane was “suspected of being a problem player”.There were suggestions at the time that Manet had achieved so much at Liverpool that he needed a change of scenery.Manet’s quickness, footwork and awareness of finishing in front of goal are very good, and his play is so inclusive that Nachermo needs the same reflexes from bayern players.So Kufuor insists that Manet’s style of play suits Nadal.