In the list of 2022 TV box, Dangbei MAX 1 is an epoch-making new product

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In the list of 2022 TV box, Dangbei MAX 1 is an epoch-making new product.Speaking of TV boxes, there are a lot of new products released at the beginning of 2022. Dangbei has released two world-famous products in succession, one is called Dangbei Super Box B3 and the other is Dangbei Box MAX 1. So what are the 2022 TV box list and 2022 TV box recommendation worth buying?Let’s talk about it.B3 uses the same chip as B3 Pro, which is the top selling high-end box in the previous point. Both of them are Jingchen S922X processor, which is the strongest chip in TV box at present. Its processor adopts ARMV8-A architecture.The 4X ARM Cortex-A73 and 2X ARM Cortex-A53 cores include the 128-bit AMBR 4 ACE interface and ARM’s Big.Little system integration interface.Manufactured with state-of-the-art 10nm technology, the cortex-A72 delivers 30% more continuous processing power, making it ideal for mobile and consumer devices.The B3 is equipped with 4+ 32GB of super memory, which can run smoothly even if you install hundreds of software.The B3 is equipped with 4+ 32GB of super memory, which can run smoothly even if you install hundreds of software.In terms of system, Danbei Super Box B3 has built-in the self-developed Danbei OS system, which has made a lot of optimization based on the bottom layer of Android. It can realize the speed of startup without advertisement. The UI interaction design of the home page is extremely humanized and supports the customization of the desktop layout, which can meet the needs of users.In terms of voice, the built-in resources of B3 are rich, almost gathering the entire network of film and television resources, and the software has its own Dabei market as the background for thousands of applications to download and install at will.Because of this, the voice control can call the whole platform, order the movie, install the software, adjust the live channel and so on all in one sentence.MAX 1 can be regarded as a product that can leave a mark in the history of TV box development. Its appearance uses an intelligent dot matrix screen, which can display the time, weather, switch state, etc., and can act as a clock, all kinds of fancy gameplay.In terms of configuration, Danbe Super Box MAX 1 adopts The CHIP of Ruimin RK3566 and is equipped with the GPU of ARM Mali-G52 MP2. The processing configuration is powerful, and Antutu has better image processing ability, 3D scene analysis ability, game image ability and finer picture quality.From the actual experience, we can see that the picture quality of The MAX 1 is quite good, very delicate, and the colors are fresh.The box MAX 1 uses 6+64G large running storage;To know that 6G large memory, is currently the world’s largest TV box memory products, is an epoch-making new product is not too.And Danbei Super box MAX 1 uses Samsung brand memory, solid material, fast transmission and reading speed.Meanwhile, Dangbei Box MAX 1 also adopts Dangbei OS system independently developed by Dangbei. Dangbei OS is the first-class free system of TV box recognized by users, and its functional experience is richer than MIUI TV, Aurora OS, Aliyun OS, etc.The built-in AI engine can intelligently recommend related movies of the same type to users based on their movie-watching habits. After watching one movie after another, it will bid farewell to the shortage of dramas.And support background application restrictions, so that the operation is more smooth.When Bey super box MAX 1 this time also introduced dolby transparent transmission function, what is Dolby transparent transmission, the popular point is that the TV box is connected to support dolby sound amplifier, is to achieve Dolby sound.Such a high configuration, multifunctional flagship set-top box, whether you moved?To sum up, the 2022 TV box list should belong to the two new, 2022 TV box recommendation is also bound to be the two chips, at the same time, two TV box configuration is similar, but the storage is different, we can according to their preferences, choose their own TV box.