Guangzhou team refused to carry the blame!Some clubs force players to take a pay cut. Why not learn from the two-time Asian Champions League winners?

2022-06-18 0 By

Guangzhou team once again dared to take the lead.They did the “first eater” again.The club announced the world, the highest salary of domestic players 600,000 yuan, the lowest 60,000 yuan.Some people are willing to take the extreme view that the annual salary of 60,000 yuan is 5,000 yuan per month on average, and the salary of professional football players is “cheap”. Some even say that playing football is not as good as delivering delivery goods.There are even many clubs like Guangzhou Heng, also want to limit salary, you limit on the limit, but forced palace Chinese football association issued limit salary order.Guangzhou team refused to carry the blame!Guangzhou team club is not to give players open high salaries, but the middle of last season is really no money on the book, otherwise how can with Canavaro, bao ta combination, five naturalized players have been dismissed?It was not easy enough to break up amicably without making any jokes.It’s a mutual understanding between the champions and the general.And some clubs are also funny, others limit their salaries, they also limit, and not comply with the contract law.The first person to eat crab, not easy, need courage and courage.But there is no choice.Limit salary to order a, guangzhou team many main players certainly outflow, have been looking for a home.They seek more stable, unpaid clubs.But look at the whole super league, there are a few!But even if the salary limit is urgent, the domestic players are not worth the high salary, it can not be too outrageous.For example, contract law should be followed.Some clubs are willing to follow suit, or even “pretend to be ignorant”.There are super clubs to emulate Guangzhou team, the maximum salary is not necessarily 600 thousand, may hope to be higher than Guangzhou team, 800 thousand, 1 million, in short, the hope is lower than the Chinese football Association salary limit order maximum salary 3 million requirements.Of course, there are serious underpaid clubs hoping for a maximum salary of 500,000!In any case, such a precipitous pay cut would be a serious blow to kickers’ motivation.Guangzhou team is to use the youth training talent, youth training will have capital, and other clubs are strong youth training?On February 19, reporter Chen Yongtou told a shandong Sports channel program that many clubs approached the Chinese Football Association to further reduce salaries. “The Chinese Football Association thought it was enough to limit salaries to 5 million yuan, but it turned out that there were more clubs with unpaid wages.Now the clubs themselves desperately want to reduce wages, but cannot reach an agreement with the players, so they have approached the football Association, hoping to continue to reduce wages.The FOOTBALL association, or Chinese soccer decision-makers, also wants to further cap salaries.It was an instant hit.But some clubs have also proposed not only a limit of 3 million, but also a requirement that all players have to sign new contracts. Previous contracts do not count.””At least you have to honor the contract,” the reporter said.But after last year’s salary cap of 5 million yuan, many clubs have used various means to get players to re-sign their contracts by preventing them from training, playing and sending them home.This year it said it was down to 3 million, allowing players to re-sign their contracts.Flagrant violation of contract law, can Chinese football be good?”It’s not about the salary cut, it’s not about whether it’s reasonable to go down to 3 million. There are too many unreliable people in Chinese football, whether they are managers, practitioners or investors.”What do you think about this kind of behavior?