Bank of China Jining Branch held the 2022 Work Safety Conference

2022-06-18 0 By

China shandong net – shandong perception on February 10 (correspondent Josephine) on February 9, in the afternoon, bank of China, jining branch of safe production in 2022 conference, in-depth implementation of jining city in shandong province government, regulators and the bank of China branches of production safety work deployment, further strengthen production safety responsibility and principal the first responsibility,Enhance the safety awareness of all employees of the bank, and combine the actual situation of the bank, put forward the requirements of safe production work, prevent the occurrence of safety accidents from the source.Leaders of the bank, heads of sub-branches and heads of departments attended the meeting on site. Deputy heads of the departments, deputy heads of sub-branches and heads of subordinate departments attended the meeting via video.Comrade in the meeting, the secretary of the party committee, governor of the Yin to the full implementation of safe production responsibility, ensure the safety in production “teaching” to start the first lesson, “production safety to Yin governor deeply expounds the meaning and essence of the work safety in production, with case, emphasize safety accident harm is great, he attaches great importance to the employees for safety in production work, strengthen the safety consciousness of the red line.And safety production work to make three requirements.First, we should attach great importance to it ideologically.All units should work hard to ensure workplace safety, keep safety on the string, focus on the main line, serve the overall interests, pay attention to key areas, and earnestly assume the political responsibility of “promoting development and ensuring safety”.Second, work should be earnestly implemented.The whole bank should consolidate responsibilities at all levels to ensure regular epidemic prevention and control.Strengthen emergency drills and handle emergencies well;Strengthen mass prevention and control, do a good job of fire safety management;Do a good job of hidden trouble investigation and rectification;Strengthen the implementation of measures, do a good job of site security control.Third, we need to coordinate security and development.Firmly establish the concept of safety development, the “life first, safety first” concept of safety development to convey to every employee;Consolidate the responsibility system of production safety to ensure the coordinated operation of safety and development.