A river on both sides of the prose | “wangcheng, lei feng”

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★ Hunan River north, flowing;On both sides of the river, the tide is emerging.Shanshui Chau city new model, xiangjiang river on both sides of the new living room, wangcheng core growth pole.Looking at the 35km gold coastline of xiangjiang River, a new wave of innovation and entrepreneurship is coming.Resources and capital collision here, industry leaders and elites gathered here.Seize opportunities, vision of the future;On both sides of the river, dreams come true.From now on, Le Zai Wangcheng continues to launch a series of essays by famous Chinese and foreign artists, writers, literature lovers and so on, to see what kind of magnificent scenery wangcheng is on both sides of the river under the pen of literati, please pay attention!Looking at the city – Lei Feng | Gao Ruohong in looking at the cityIn lei feng hometown I thought of him of that think of themselves as a cog lei feng think of his ordinary rotation on the wheel rotation rotate on the spring breeze on the patch on the chain of serving the people rotate button a a strong let their body never lax kind never lazy warm never cooling like leaves a good although small but flourishing spring between adultsJust like the thread of a screw, even if it is thin, it also blocks the cold in the heart. How good to make a screw, such as a small moon cake, such as a piece of banknotes, small or a candle will flash away the darkness in my eyes when I think of Lei FengThis does not rust the screw when I also regard myself as a screw downward downward twist the waist a little lower to pick up a piece of paper on the street a little lower to help a fall down the old mother also a little lower to let my smile like leaves fall on every one to stay on the road or alone or stand aroundOr cold footprints The only reason I screwed me into a screw was to get closer and closer and closer to what everyone wants