30 people sober big truth, read let you less detour less pit

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1. When you try to do something, you find that your friends and family are against you, or can’t give you advice, or even laugh at you, look down on you, or make fun of you.In this moment, realize that it’s not that you did something wrong, it’s that you did it right, and they will judge you on the basis of your past perception.2. When chatting with others on wechat, QQ or Douyin, if they make you feel uncomfortable or even hurt you, please delete or block them directly.There is no need to educate, instruct, and contradict him, because the less a man knows, the more he thinks he is right, and will not accept refutation.Dealing with such people will only waste your time and energy.3. If there is a man who says, “You can earn more than 10,000 yuan a month, you can be a new man in three months, and you can become a master in 21 days.”These are basically lies, don’t believe it!Trust those who tell you, “I will make you confident and good over time.”In short, remember a principle: too fast, too easy success, is often a scam.4. You will be sad, because you care about someone too much, for someone to pay too much;You will be angry, because you experience things too little;You will feel inferior, because you have no background, no contacts, no appearance level, no money, no ability, into the society everywhere rebuffed, repeatedly rejected by people.You complain because your current social environment is unfriendly to you, and you can’t fight it or change it. You have to accept it.5 who often say to you: hard work to get rich, God rewards those who help themselves, eat bitter bitter, people, to have the spirit of dedication, to learn to be grateful, to first bitter after sweet, don’t care too much about the immediate interests and money……These people are as far away from each other as you can get, and they’re either really bad or really stupid, almost without exception.The premise of buying domestic insurance is that there is too much money to spend.If you do not meet this condition, I sincerely advise you not to buy, buy a pit.Of course, health insurance and other important insurance is another matter.7. The essence of human interaction is that both parties have value and then use each other.You use my power, I use your money.Instead of me offering to help you once, and then you being grateful, coming back to repay me.Therefore, it is difficult to get help from others based on emotion alone;When you’re worthless, you don’t know anyone and nobody wants to know you.8. When you first start something, don’t listen to someone telling you what to do.This matter is you are doing, good oneself is the most clear, the round does not have other miscellaneous person to point out to you.They only judge you based on their own subjective consciousness, most of which is one-sided and undesirable.9. Instead of trying to please others, try to improve yourself;When you try your best to please others with gifts, they will not be grateful to you, but will become proud and despise you.10. When a stranger asks you for a favor, never say yes;Instead, ask for something, such as a red envelope, so that the other person will remember your kindness.Otherwise, by the time you’re done helping him, he’ll have forgotten you.11. To judge whether something is worth doing, look directly at these two things: First, does it matter to me?Second, is it good for me to do this?Can I have the money?According to this principle, you will find that many things are simply not worth doing: useless socializing, wine fairs, playing games, watching TV shows, etc.12 “hard work to get rich” this sentence is summed up after the success of the rich, in order to let the poor believe that hard work can really get rich, so as to consolidate their position and superiority of the rich.If hard work can get rich, then there will be no poor people in this society.The truth is: Hard work + right direction + help from noble people + seize the opportunity = wealth.No matter what the situation, the more ruthless the person, people will respect him.Because he’s powerful, and he doesn’t have to win respect by making connections.14. It is only half true that failure is the mother of success. What is more correct is that repeated failure is the mother of success.In doing everything, there is rarely a chance of success at once, but rather through repeated, trial and error, and finally in a very small probability of success.15 when a man is brave, it is precisely that he has nothing;Because he was nothing, no matter how to toss will be better than now.Similarly, when we achieve something, we should be cautious and vigilant.16. Allow yourself to make mistakes, but not laziness.When you make a mistake, at least prove that you took action, wrong can be corrected;But when you’re lazy, you never get anything, and you never get a chance to correct yourself.17. Do not give or impose on others what you enjoy.For one thing, others may not like what you like.On the other hand, the favorability of this item in your hands is 100%, but in the hands of others, it may only be 50%.As a result, you don’t get the best out of things when you give them away.Remember one thing: no matter who asks for your privacy, don’t answer!Don’t share your privacy and secrets, even with your best friend.The speaker has no intention, the listener has heart.What you say about your privacy and secrets today can become a powerful weapon for someone to threaten and use you tomorrow.19. A lot of times, being ruthless gets things done quickly.On the contrary, if you take into account face everywhere, always thinking about the words of human feelings, this matter will again and again, again and again delay, had better not end it.Well, favor is sometimes a good thing and sometimes a stumbling block.20. You always have to believe that human nature is good, just and pure.When a person with his good, justice, innocence to treat others, but in return for others deception, resentment and framed.At this time, he found: it is really difficult to be a good man…But his inner goodness, justice and innocence still exist, but there is no suitable environment for him to display them.21. When the financial difference between you and a relative or friend becomes too great, it’s natural to drift apart.Don’t ask why, it’s just the reality.Therefore, in reality, you do not expect to have a friend, relatives can become rich overnight, brilliant, and then take you to fly.Little do you know, the first thing they do when they get rich is leave you far behind.Reading can really improve one’s temperament and assertiveness.As one reads more books, his vision, thinking, imagination and discrimination will be greatly improved.They will look at things more deeply, their emotions will be more stable, and their fears will gradually decrease. Over time, they will develop an intelligent and calm temperament.Of course, books are positive, meaningful, and nourishing.23. When someone asks you for advice, there is one rule to keep in mind to avoid offending people: 80% praise, 15% guidance, and 5% advice.Praise can inspire confidence in the other person, so that he can recognize you from the bottom of his heart;Proper guidance will show him the way, but do not tell him how to do it; let him find his way;Finally, add a little personal advice, but not too much, or the other person will resent it.24. When you are looking for someone to talk to, discuss, consult, or even go into business with, always look for someone who is financially similar to you.Because rich people look down on you;People without money, just want to rely on you everywhere.When you have no ability, no background, no money, no technology, you dare not offend others everywhere, for fear of saying a wrong word or doing a wrong thing, others will be disliked, cold eyes, or even revenge;At this point, you even breathe wrong.But when you get rich and powerful, you never have to worry about the smell of your own fart. All you have to worry about is whether other people can make you happy and satisfied. What’s more, they come uninvited and never leave.26. Everyone’s time is valuable.So if it’s not important, don’t bother others and don’t let others bother you.Boring time, more precipitation themselves, let themselves continue to improve, this is the hard truth.The truth is, most of life’s social interactions are meaningless. They don’t make you rich or bring you anything.The only benefit: it will make your life fuller and more emotional.According to the 80-20 rule, 20% of the people hold 80% of the wealth, therefore, most people are no background, no resources, no connections, with them mixed together, nothing to mix.28. Learn to be a picky person.When you are picky and principled, people will respect your ideas and give you what you want.On the contrary, when you feel that nothing is important and anything can be done, people will often ignore your request and save you for last and give you the worst.29. Do as few things as possible that you are not in control of.At a party, for example, if you’re not in charge or there’s a good chance you won’t get what you want, you’ll be a stranger all the way through.30. The most effective, the easiest, the freest, the most fun, the lowest risk, the highest return: read more, learn more, invest more in yourself, no matter what the age, this principle will never expire!The author’s words: the above article for my hard creation, you see the officer if feel write can, move your rich little hand praise support me bai;With your support, I will be more motivated to create, thank you very much, good life safe!