Zhangpu, Fujian, CAI: Strict Righteousness and Interests To Uphold The Festival (Family tradition and Family Motto)

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In Zhangpu, Fujian, there was a CAI family, famous for producing two emperors of the Qing Dynasty.The family of CAI Shiyuan, CAI Xin uncle and nephew, adhering to the filial piety, morality first ancestral training, dedicated to the teacher, for the official integrity of the people, the integrity of the family education as the core, set an example, lifelong practice, the formation of clean and good family tradition.CAI Shiyuan, courtesy name Wen Zhi, alias Liang Village, lived in Zhangpu Liangshan, later known as “Mr. Liangshan”.He is the qing Emperor Kangxi jinshi, Qianlong emperor, successive academician revision, cabinet bachelor, minister of ceremonies and other positions.CAI Shiyuan is gengjie denhou, take ding Worry expiry, ministry xu to “fake” blackmail, he refused to bribe, not hesitate to go to the academician, stroke sleeve return.One year, when zhangzhou and Quanzhou suffered from famine, he raised money to buy rice to relieve the victims. He also asked the governor of Zhejiang to relax the food ban so that food could be transported to the two places to alleviate the disaster.He returned to the village after the establishment of clan rules, buy large and small zong sacrifice field, funding lonely old disease, villagers affected, more than 20 years without gamblers.Officials must be honest, not honest officials would rather be improper, this is the belief that CAI Shiyuan uphold.The origin of this belief is closely related to the upbringing of parents.CAI Shiyuan’s father CAI Bi is full of poetry and books. He is founder and honest, and is famous for his good teaching.CAI Shiyuan’s mother often taught her sons: “you must be honest to things bow, modest to others, lian to raise virtue, not to cheat royal things, not to gas, not to take a cent.”CAI Shiyuan has money to take home every month, the mother has to seriously ask where the money comes from, that the money comes from the right way, just pleased to say: “I want you to eat vegetables without forgetting the patriarchy also!”CAI shiyuan’s lifetime salary was mostly for the poor. When he died of illness, he had no property except a few old clothes, so that his family could not afford to mourn.To this end, Yongzheng was shocked and awarded five hundred taels of silver. The emperors’ sons and colleagues also helped the silver bereavement.Designed by CAI Shiyuan second son CAI long bless, once official to the military office servant, Lian Ming Promising, outstanding political achievements.The day that dies, the bag does not have leftover money, bamboo box inside have old clothes, lift toward lamentation: “worthy is wen Qin (CAI Shiyuan) son!”CAI Shiyuan had written “gengzi autumn post shows the children of the family”, emphasizing “the distinction of righteousness and interests” “alcohol this filial piety read, keep its honest hold” “today strong determined to keep this for life”;Also wrote “Ba Ancestral Temple rules”, education family “not greedy of its non”.CAI Shiyuan’s family instruction had a profound influence on the children of the clan, and his nephew CAI Xin was deeply influenced.CAI Xin for qianlong years of scholars, worship Wenhua Hall grand bachelor, master of the study, the president of the library, taifu prince, is the teacher of Emperor Jiaqing.Although he held a high official position, he never returned home with the appearance of a splendid life, only carrying a small sedan chair.His hometown xibu village and adjacent Xiannan village dispute, clansmen hope that he with the power of the government to support the village, he warned: “There are thousands of xiannan, no prime minister for a hundred years.”When CAI Xin was an official, he was praised for his modesty and prudence, incorruptibility and integrity. After returning to Zhangpu, he was easy-going, respectful to the old and young, respectful to local officials, and respectful to the villagers when he met them.He taught the clansmen to keep a low profile and conduct themselves prudently, so that the family and relatives lived in harmony with their neighbors, and there were few violations of laws and regulations.CAI Xin inherited CAI Shiyuan’s family instruction, and on the basis of “keeping ambition and festival”, emphasized the cultivation of morality and character.He proposed for the official to cultivate the mind, cultivate the mind, in order to “Benedict conduct” “not for the benefit of disease”, a righteous spirit.CAI Xin’s remarks were collated and compiled into CAI Xin’s Family Instruction by later generations.Under the long-term infiltration of good family tradition and family training, CAI’s family has produced a large number of talented people and gained a wide reputation.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com