Through helan Mountain, from the Yinwu plain into the Tengger desert, to a millennium about

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“Silk Road westbound” 5: drive a long car, set foot on helan Mountain lack, to a millennium about!It is noon to come out of xixia Royal Mausoleum, the scorching sun is like fire, even in the northwest, the hot sun is not covered directly on the body, the skin has a fever and burns like pain, so that you have to surrender to this overwhelming enthusiasm.Drive away from the royal Mausoleum and proceed along national Highway 110.In the meantime, did not have lunch, just replenished a little water.In fact, for the next seventeen days, we went through this way, eating and sleeping very simply, resigned to fate, take it as it comes.Some days, when I was hundreds of miles away from any human habitation, I had at most one meal a day. When I was hungry, I ate some dry food and drank some mineral water.If you get some hot water bowl of instant noodles, that will be even more cool.If you can’t find a hotel, you park your car in the service area, and the family sleeps in the car.Unexpectedly, the Silk Road westward, more than 8,500 kilometers of the long March, so survived.To be honest, the westward journey of the Silk Road is more of a journey than a tour for us.It was more ascetic than a journey.In the summer of 2012, we traveled west all the way, ascetic and spiritual cultivation, broadening our vision, sharpening our will and sublimating our soul.Bitter with sweet, bitter with joy!Follow national Highway 110 not far, turn right into yinba highway.On the right is the xixia Royal mausoleum that WE have just visited. We have different feelings from different angles.Right in front is the towering Helan Mountain, looked at the past, as if in front of the eyes, walk up but very far away, always approached her, but always close to her not.Mysterious Helan Mountain, which makes me feel more mysterious…Yue Wumu walked about 20 or 30 kilometers, and finally reached the foot of the mountain, the road began to turn.I know, will soon enter the mountain, the heart is full of excitement.To tell the truth, since childhood, do not know how many times the dream of Helan Mountain, will soon cross, excited, more is uneasy.After all, I am full of admiration and respect for the towering Helan Mountain in Yue Wumu’s “The River is red” : “……Drive long car, set foot on helan Mountain lack.Ambition hunger meal Hurupp meat, laughing thirst drink hun blood……”It is not only yue Wumu’s ultimate pursuit, but also the life dream of countless generations of young people after him.Helan Mountain in front of this life who expected, one thousand years later today, old cow I come, fulfill the contract and come!Helan Mountain east mouth, is the dividing line of Inner Mongolia, Ningxia two provinces, into the mountain is Inner Mongolia, out of the mountain is Ningxia, Chu river and Han dynasty, at a glance.Unconsciously, we entered Inner Mongolia again, half surprised, half delighted.Here three passes in helan Mountain east mouth, we stopped the car, here to take pictures.Unexpectedly, there are intermittent and obvious traces of human engineering on the top of the mountain. When THE camera is closer, it turns out to be the city wall and beacon towers, but they have all become ruins.According to the previous Great Wall experience, combined with the grasp of historical knowledge, we judge here is the Ming Great Wall site.It was built during the Reign of Emperor Jiajing of the Ming Dynasty to guard against the invasion of Mongolian Wara and Tartar horsemen.To be fair, the Great Wall was built here, Ming dynasty emperors and ministers of the imagination is big enough.However, how the defensive effect, according to years of reading history experience, should be general.Throughout the Ming dynasty, Mongol and Manchurian cavalry crossed and bypassed the Great Wall again and again, and approached Beijing, directly threatening the nerve center of the Ming dynasty.Thus, the construction of the Great Wall, in vain!Juyongguan Great Wall is no wonder, qing army into the pass decades later, Kangxi emperor in badaling Great Wall solemnly declared, “since the beginning of the emperor, where I big Qing king, when hold king road, take the people, training horses, never build the Great Wall!”It is said that aisin Jueluo Hyeon ye’s decision stems from two poems written by zhang Ting Yu, a bachelor of arts, “The Great Wall is a dream of eternal heroes!”It sounds bleak, and it’s depressing to think that you’re so hopeless.Entering Helan Mountain, although the route twists and turns, the road condition is very good, the slope is not large.Although leopards climb all the way up the hill, it is very easy to run to about 100 miles.Obviously, Helan Mountain is not as difficult and steep as we imagine, so that the heart is a little lost.After all, the dream to find her thousands of baidu, suddenly look back, that person unexpectedly in the ordinary alley.Such a contrast, how not lost?!The winding mountain road runs through a mountain canyon next to a river that has dried up.Surrounded by mountains on both sides, the jagged rocks were not intimidating.Judging from experience, this road at least exists for thousands of years, is the only way to enter the Tengger desert from the Hetao plain in those days, changing times, countless business trips through, countless troops through……This mountain road, precipitation vicissitudes of life and thick history, records countless past events!Rattling, horses rustle……There was a moment when I had an irresistible urge to crawl to the ground, press my face against the road, and listen carefully to the echoes of a thousand years from the depths of history……Listen to the tramp of hoofs, and the trumpet!Cross helan Mountain and enter Tengger Desert