Rare!!!CCTV has squeezed two hours out of its live broadcast of the Beijing Winter Olympics to focus on China’s Asian Women’s Cup

2022-06-17 0 By

Sure enough!CCTV live broadcast South Korea women’s soccer final!China’s women’s soccer team will play South Korea in the final of the 2022 Women’s Asian Cup at 19:00 Beijing time on Feb 6.The match will be broadcast live on CCTV Sports Channel (CCTV5), according to information released by the Official Chinese Women’s football team on Monday.This is the temporary adjustment of CCTV’s live broadcast arrangement, is the first CCTV live broadcast of this women’s Football Asia Cup match.The latest program information from the China Media Group also confirms this.Among them, in the CCTV Sports channel (CCTV5) February 6 19:00 time slot, has changed to “live: Women’s Football Asia Cup final (China – South Korea)”.At 18:20, CCTV5 broadcast the women’s ice hockey group match between China and Japan at the Beijing Winter Olympics.At 21:00, the figure skating team event of the Beijing Winter Olympics will be broadcast live.And before that, CCTV5 in this time period of live broadcasting arrangements, are related to the Beijing Winter Olympics games.In other words, CCTV squeezed two hours out of the live broadcast of the Winter Olympics to broadcast the final match between The Chinese women’s soccer team and the Korean women’s soccer team.This kind of temporary adjustment is relatively rare.It can be seen that CCTV attaches great importance to the decisive battle between Chinese women’s football team and South Korean women’s football team.In this way, the vast number of fans can more conveniently watch the south Korean women’s football showdown.We also hope that the Iron Roses can continue the spirit and spirit of the semi-final against The Japanese women’s football team, and strive to defeat the Korean women’s football team to win the championship, send a big New Year gift, and cheer for the Beijing Winter Olympics!